How Much Does an Animated Explainer Video Really Cost?

Animated Explainer Video Cost

Explainer video costs depend on their duration, content, and quality. Professional filming and editing cannot be cheap. An animated app explainer video is great for some purposes. In the right hands, even the built-in tools allow you to achieve a stunning effect. For example, if you need to create an app explainer video reference, you just need to record from the screen and add a beautiful voiceover. Be careful when using a non-professional app explainer video maker. Some services overlay branded watermarks on the final image, which distracts from your company logo.

App explainer video templates can also be a great solution if you add a bit of uniqueness to them. Nobody wants to blend in with the crowd of competitors. Even with a small budget, you can make a great product explainer video if you follow some simple marketing rules.

Scratch content or use the explainer video app?

A corporate video is all types of video that are required for the business market. Clients come with the most important business need an increase in sales, profits, and earnings. One and the same problem can be solved in different ways and approaches. It is correct to start assessing the video from the task and from the business opportunities. Pricing depends on the complexity of the task facing the production. For some purposes, the simplest 2D graphics will perform better. This approach is applicable in advertising for training courses, social campaigns, and so on. If we are talking about pharmaceuticals, then only shooting and lively emotions can be used here, otherwise, you can get a negative result.

Which is better – shooting or graphics?

The tool is chosen for the task. If we talk about an average company, then most likely it needs several tools at once. For example, a bank needs to be told how to use an on-line phone app. It is necessary to advertise fintech products with some emotions. Not just an explanatory video is suitable, but a more emotional one, then shooting is suitable here. If we are explaining how to work with a product, then motion design or animation is ideal.

Where is the corporate video market heading?

People don’t want to waste time watching useless ads. You will be remembered from the good side if the information in your materials is useful to viewers in life.

1. Now we need to share knowledge. Make videos that reveal what the company is doing.

2. Another big market trend is a video that helps customers solve a problem without imposing a sale.

As for the prices for services, the high cost is not a guarantee of excellent quality. But it is not worth saving too much either. Study the portfolio of the creative team you like and the price range in advance. If you work with professionals and you have budget constraints, they will always tell you how you can save money without compromising quality.

Basic recommendations when ordering a corporate video

• The business owner needs to know the strengths of their company that they want to convey to the audience. Do not overload the video, so talk about one thing. If you are bringing several new products or services to the market at the same time, then this is a reason to shoot several videos.

• Video is a certain philosophy of the founder of the company. There must be an agreement with the manager. This is your “face”.

• Third, do not omit the issue of promoting the video, it is not enough just to make it, it needs to be shown to people. We usually propose not to concentrate on one product in one corporate video, but to make some leading video and additional, auxiliary ones to it. It can be a shortened version for Instagram and TikTok, or 5 separate videos explaining a specific service.