Biggest Crash of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – Is it the right time to buy or sell Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin has become one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies that have already tumbled to three & a half months low on 19th May. This particular Cryptocurrency is plunged by 50% to $30,066 from its record. However, Bitcoin is the best Cryptocurrency that is already raised back to almost $38500 by 21st May. According to the professionals, it is considered as one of the weakest levels since mid-January. Meme-based Dogecoin also experienced a decrement in the price. The decline in the world of Cryptocurrency was initiated with the tweet of Elon Musk last week. Tesla will not accept payment via Bitcoin anymore.

By 13th May, Elon had already announced that Tesla would not be able to accept any kind of payment via Bitcoin due to the concerns of environmental. The follow-up tweets of Elon further causing confusion about whether the popular carmaker had shed its holdings of Bitcoin. The recent announcement of the Chinese government is impacting the worth of Bitcoin. Recently, China has announced that they are banning payment companies and financial institutions from offering services related to cryptocurrency transactions. Make sure that you are checking where you can easily get the latest news about the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies crash. Approximately $1 trillion was already wiped off from the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market.

Elon Musk

Industry Stalwarts also said that Elon Musk has also contributed to the correction of Bitcoin Price. In addition, the Chinese government also imposed a ban on crypto-related transactions, which is creating an impact on price. A considerable amount of Bitcoin investors are out there. Therefore, the situation will stabilize soon. Government bodies can easily see the industry’s offers.

CoinDCX founder

The Co-founder of CoinDCX has claimed that Bitcoin is one of the most expensive and popular cryptocurrencies that must be treated as an asset class with a long-term forecast on the gains. In terms of investment, we will have to pay close attention to the long-term nature and fundamentals of such asset class instead of looking at the short-term volatility. However, an almost 40% dip in the worth of Bitcoin from its all-time high looks dramatic but is normal in volatile markets. The majority of the long-term value investors are calling this lower worth a buying opportunity. If you want to purchase Bitcoin, then one should use important strategies like SIPs and rupee cost averaging that will help you in buying Bitcoin at the right time.

Pushing the price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most valuable, cryptocurrencies but it has lost almost 40% for the week. 48-year-old-Billionaire is continually batting with the community of Cryptocurrency through Twitter. The cryptocurrency market has already shaved approximately $850 billion from its market value. Bitcoin is continually falling. It has become one of the great assets which are known for the volatile periods. According to the professionals, Musk also has the main reason that Cryptocurrency had been on the uptrend.

When prices of Bitcoin recover?

Crypto & Bitcoin are completely volatile currencies. Bullish investors are continually advocating that long investors should stay the course. They should review the investment thesis before selling the holdings. Over the last 11 years, Bitcoin has experienced almost 750 instances where prices are experiencing a daily change of almost 5% or greater. Correction in the market of Cryptocurrency has become a common phenomenon. All you need to make contact with a professional cryptocurrency investor who will surely give you important tips that will be helpful for you.

A nearly 40% in the dipping price of Bitcoin from an all-time high looks dramatic, but it is completely normal in the market. The majority of the investor is investing money in the Bitcoin because they can buy the Bitcoin at a lower worth. Technical analysis is calling this a test of support level of approximately $40000. Investors should invest money in education first. They will have to research the overall underlying value of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as well.