The Price of Bitcoin rises to a two-week high After breaking the complicated Technical Barrier

The worth of Bitcoin surged to its peak level since mid-April after surpassing the technical hurdle. In case you want to make the investment today or want to make an investment in early December, then you will able to expect the multiple 20% to 30% pullbacks in the market bull phase. The worth of Bitcoin slumps below $50000 for the first since 8th March. It is highly recommended that one should check bitcoin alternatives, where you will get important details about Bitcoin. They are the latest news about the Bitcoin price.

Ether has become the second most popular Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin that has gain momentum on 16th May. This particular Cryptocurrency has already rallied to the new record high of $3616.10. Such fantastic Cryptocurrency is continually gathering more momentum as investors are already diverted the focus from its main rival. Ethereum has become the most popular Cryptocurrency, which is traded over Ethereum Blockchain. Such fantastic Cryptocurrency topped $3000 for the first time on 17th May. According to professional investors, Ethereum will able to maintain positive momentum.

Two sides of Cryptocurrency

A considerable amount of Bitcoin watchers on Wall Street experience more losses ahead for the world’s biggest Cryptocurrency. It has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that are still more than 300% since last May. According to professionals, the worth of Bitcoin is up more than 300%. Prices of Bitcoin had already fallen by almost 30% from April when the price of the Bitcoin topped $64000.

Tweets of the Elon Musk

According to Elon Musk, Ether & Bitcoin are considered as most environmentally unfriendly cryptocurrency tokens. Bitcoin investors & haters are continually fiercely disputing the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Elon Musk is already concerned regarding rapidly enhancing the use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin transactions and mining, especially coal that has one of the worst emissions of any fuel. Bitcoin is completely far from the environmental villain in the space of Cryptocurrency.

Thousands of tokens are also out there that already depend on the energy-sucking proof of work. PoW always needs the decentralized network of the mining rigs that is made up of a considerable amount of computers laboring in unison to solve the difficult problems of the math in the race to verify important transactions to earn new Bitcoins. It is one of the most complicated tasks where they will have to pay close attention to several important things. Not all the virtual coins are using PoW, but all the energy-consumptive cryptocurrencies do.

New Thing

Bitcoin has become new to mainstream investors. It has already been pronounced the dinosaur of the cryptocurrency market. The majority of the young millennial investors are continually started to refer to Bitcoin as a boomer coin. So many next-generation investors prefer to purchase other cryptocurrencies that are considered as S coins or altcoins. Not all the investors within this group agree, so many investors are holding the Bitcoin along with the other digital coins. Bitcoin has become one of the most Cryptocurrency in terms of market value that was launched in 2009. It has become the best Cryptocurrency which is seen by the supporters as a store of value that will surely appreciate over time.

Cryptocurrency investment has become a high risk. According to the experts, investing money in altcoins is speculative. Lots of altcoins have already soared in popularity. The majority of the new and young investors are willing to take that risk. As per professionals, this generation was young to catch Bitcoin. Before investing money in Bitcoin, one should pay close attention to so many important things.


According to the experts, Ethereum network plans will able to switch over from the PoW to a reliable proof-of-stake system in 2021. Ethereum and Bitcoin together are making approximately 90% of the usage of electricity of all the proof-of-work coins. Do proper research before you invest in bitcoin. You can also talk with a professional investor who knows much more details on bitcoin and the investment process and can help you with it.