Black Friday and Its Best Offers

Black Friday is here, and that means only one thing, discounts on a wide selection of products. In addition, not only is it Black Friday but also Cyber Monday, so it is not only a day for sales, but these two events practically mash together perfectly for an entire weekend of discounts. This is the best time for your Christmas shopping as prices plummet massively when it comes to electronics. Although the electronics section is not the only one affected by Black Friday, year after year, these discounts are applied to other services and goods, such as in the textile industry or household items. 

Nowadays, gradually more sectors are betting on offering promotions, bonuses, or discounts. One of these sectors is traveling. More and more airlines are promoting cheap flights or travel vouchers with flight + hotel. Another sector is the world of casinos. Trusted experts such as Asiabet offer bonuses to increase players’ bankrolls. In addition, newcomers can find guides for successful games. If profits are made thanks to promotions, payment for these reduced products is easy due to the various payment methods offered.

Beginnings of Black Friday

Black Friday is commonly celebrated after Thanksgiving Day, the last Friday of November. And the tradition originally started because small businesses could not compete against bigger stores, so to boost sales, they decided to lower their prices only for 24 hours. However, now it no longer only lasts 24 hours, nor is it only small shop retailers who apply the discounts. Furthermore, many offers can be found every year on the net, as it’s shown on Kafila.

Now it’s almost a week because everyone is moving up to Friday, which this year falls on November 25th. Moreover, it is no longer discounts only at physical stores, but e-commerce has also joined Black Friday, combining it with Cyber Monday, e-commerce’s respective discount day. This merge occurred as “Black Friday” was followed by the online discounts of Cyber Monday, always held on Monday after Black Friday. 

Difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The only difference is that Cyber Monday is limited to online shopping, while Black Friday focuses on physical stores. Both should theoretically last for just one day, but this is different due to the magnitude that both events have gained after they gained popularity. Similarly, both days should be reserved for minority retailers, but that has changed, and nearly all brands and businesses apply these massive discounts. Finally, Black Friday is more popular or better known for being the first annual event designed to offer massive discounts.

Discounts made by major brands for the Black Friday period

Most products are often discounted at one point or another, but there are some others that are often eye-catching because of the radical new price. Electronic devices and everything related to technology is the most discounted and most popular for gifting. Therefore, their prices are often considered the most accessible once the discount is applied; from not being affordable to most people, these become products that people can comfortably purchase and then give as a gift or keep for themselves. Brands like Samsung, Sony, JBL, and Roomba, among others, put their items much further below their regular prices. Here’s a list of the discounts you can expect to see this season:

Google offers a 35% price cut on the Pixel, Buds & Watch, and their Nest device prices will be slashed by a third. Meanwhile, Samsung will discount prices for their Galaxy S22, as well as for its HDDs, up to 67% off, their biggest discount compared to 36% off on QLED TVs. Sony, for its part, will lower its headphones’ price by a third. On the other hand, Beats will apply 37% but only on the Solo 3 model. Then, there will be several security brands that will also lower prices on some of their devices, such as the Ring, the Echo package and the video doorbell, or Blink for its cameras and doorbell. And if you need a Roomba now, it is the perfect time as it is attainable with a 35% discount.

Many discounts are going to arrive for Black Friday and remain for a few days. In e-commerce, you can already see the price drop, as in Amazon, where you can find the vast majority of them. But also on the brands’ websites. Make sure to search everything thoroughly to get the best prices, although it remains to be seen if some of these discounts will remain after a few more days.