Things You Need To Know About Professional Dancer Shoes

pair of brown ballerina shoes

Every profession today has got predefined attire that enhances professionalism and eases to perform tasks related to the subject. Even in the dance sector, whether you are in a professional competition or just a beginner, you need good dance shoes. Ballroom shoes are dance shoes that can propagate your skills, enabling you to perform to your best. Some associated features of dance floors shall also determine the shoe you need as a dancer. Dance floors can vary in shape, size, and surface materials. Some floors do not have enough grips, while some contain too much grip. Some information associated with ballroom dance shoes is provided below. Regardless of dance type, the following are things to consider when buying professional dance shoes:

The material

One great consideration is the material from which the shoe is made of. It is advisable to buy ballroom shoes made of plain leather or patent. But if you have ever tried those made of canvas or satin and have seen they are better, you should not hesitate to have them. Nevertheless, we still emphasize shoes made of leather. Leather shoes have got high durability compared to other materials. Leather tends to hold onto the high amount of pressure to which the shoe is subjected by the dancer. If you cannot get leather shoes, then your second-best choice should be shoes made from satin.

The Shoe Sole

Dancing exerts a lot of pressure on the shoe sole. Consider a sole that does not get damaged too quickly. You will be relieved from the need to replace few months after you buy them. Get yourself a shoe with a sole that can glide without slipping and allows for better movements while dancing. Therefore, after determining the material of the shoe, you should proceed to keenly examine the sole of the shoe.

Heel and arch support

As a dancer, you should have shoes that offer good arch support to your feet. This helps in enabling you to dance for a long time without your feet hurting. Depending on whether you are to do Latin or Ballroom, you may consider a 3-inch or 2-inch heel. One may consider putting on the flared heel as they provide your feet with additional stability while you are dancing.


Professional dancing should not be a hustle and cause of pain. Consider the nature of your dance moves and associated environments while making a decision about which shoe to purchase. Get yourself a shoe that will carry and support your weight. One big mistake you are avoiding is falling on the dance floor. This can lead to body parts breakage and pain in your elderly age in the coming near future.


There are several forms of dance shoes, but the main one is ballroom shoes. If your dance is characterized by toe leads and hip movement, then you need Latin shoes. They have a higher heel and raised arches to support such dance moves. However, if you want to do ballroom dancing, you need to purchase a pair of professional ballroom dance shoes.