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BlockSite is one of the most downloaded time management and productivity apps on the Play Store, but is it the right fit for your needs? The answer largely depends on what your needs are of course, so we will go through the features that the popular site blocker offers and how it can be useful for different users under different scenarios. The overview should help the reader in figuring out whether they really have any use for BlockSite.

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Expect Better Time Management: More Hours in a Day?

Time management can be an issue for a variety of reasons, but due to our overreliance on various digital platforms for everything from work to social interactions and entertainment, the digital world itself is the most common problem. Most of the time, people are not even aware of how much of their own time they are losing control over due to the time-consuming digital distractions.

The BlockSite App is designed to help us take back control of our own time, by keeping those unproductive distractions away during work/study hours. In fact, BlockSite can also be used indefinitely, if you wish to stay away from anyone or multiple categories of digital distractions on a more permanent basis.

A common theme seen in online BlockSite reviews from various users across different streams of work is that they mention how it feels like they have more hours at their disposal after using BlockSite for only a few days. Although it may sound like an illusion, it isn’t exactly so.

What happens is that without social media websites, instant messages and push notifications breaking our concentration and taking up our time throughout the day, the extra minutes do add up to provide us with more time than we are used to getting for finishing work. While the number of hours in a day are not increased, the number of hours available to the BlockSite user definitely increases.

Expect Boosted Productivity

The term productivity is a very broad term, so, without knowing the exact parameters of the work in question, defining it can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, productivity at its core outlines the ability to do a specific amount of work within a specific amount of time. It can also be defined as the ratio between input and output, especially when it comes to machines.

Since we are discussing human productivity here, we would have to complete more work within the same specified time period as before. This is precisely what happens when BlockSite stops all distractions caused by websites and apps. This simple model of action boosts our productivity in two ways:

  1. The unbroken stretch of concentration helps us complete more work within a specified time period
  2. By limiting or even blocking our access to common distractions, BlockSite adds more minutes or even hours to complete a specified amount of work

When you are simultaneously able to finish more work within the same time period as before, and have more time on your hands for work, boosting productivity becomes an inevitable consequence of that. However, the BlockSite app on Google Play Store has an extra feature, which its iOS counterpart does not at the moment. It comes with an inbuilt Pomodoro timer, which is a time tested and proven method for increasing our cognitive productivity. By breaking down the work hours into consecutive 25-minute sessions + 5-minute breaks, a Pomodoro timer helps the brain to function with better efficiency.

Expect to Stay Away from Addictions

BlockSite helps its users stay away from common addictions such as gambling or pornography by letting them filter out such websites/apps completely from the smartphone/tablet. Addiction management is a difficult task to handle on your own since it requires a good deal of self-control to not do something that you have both the power and desire to do.

When you use the password-protected BlockSite to filter out apps and sites that feed on your addictions, the app simply won’t allow you to access such sites. This means that not only will they keep those distracting and addictive sites out of your area of focus, but they will also ensure that you cannot reach out and access them on your own. It usually shows comic images to the user when they try to access the blocked websites, but the premium version allows redirection to a site of the user’s choice as well.

BlockSite on Google Play Store is free to download, but the free version can only be used for a limited period of time. Once the trial period is over, you will need to pay for a subscription. However, the trial offers a perfect opportunity to test the app on your own and find out how useful it can be to you.

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