Best Southwest Promo Codes & Coupons

Southwest Airlines is a popular airline in the United States known for its low fare prices. The airline ensures that you travel to where you want for less, and it operates around 3,300 flights per day. It flies to more than 90 destinations, including Mexico and the Caribbean. The airline conducts sales and deals that enable you to enjoy discounts on the already affordable fares. Additionally, it offers vacation packages, car rentals, and hotels at sliced prices. Here is a list of Southwest airline promo codes and coupons that you can utilize to save big on your booking.

Southwest Promo Codes

70% Off Cancun vacations

Do you want to enjoy some sprawling beachfront, turquoise water, and the best relaxation and entertainment? If yes, then it is time you book yourself a Cancun vacation. Southwest Airlines understands that holidays can be expensive; thus, they are giving you a deal on an all-inclusive Cancun vacation. This deal will cost you $200 for the trip, which is up to 70% off. You can get it without any promo code.

Over 10% off  

Next time you want to visit the Hawaii beach resorts, you don’t have to pay the whole amount. You can take advantage of this deal from Southwest that enables you to save some extra cash and probably get yourself some souvenirs. They are offering you over 10% off the original price. You don’t require any code for the purchase, and you can get more information and instructions about that from their website.

$125 Off every $500 spent

Apart from making it possible for you to have an affordable flight, Southwest Airlines also gives you affordable hotel packages. For instance, if you spend $500 on your flight and hotel package, the airline offers you a $125 discount. To get the discount use the coupon code “125DOM20” and paste it on the checkout. The offer is a one-time promotion and serving one individual only.

Flight for $49

If you book your ticket at the right time, you can have a flight around the United States at only $49. Therefore, you can visit a new place or even visit your old friends. You don’t have to use any coupon code for you to enjoy the offer. The discount is exclusive of any other offer, and it is not transferable to any other person. You can get more details about the refund from the Southwest Airlines website.

30% Off car rentals 

When traveling to a new place, whether for business or pleasure, having a car makes it convenient for you to move around with ease, but it’s also considered an extra cost. Southwest makes it possible to get an affordable car for your convenience. In this deal, the airline offers you a 30% discount for budget car rentals. If you want to make the most out of the offer, use the coupon code “MUAZ017” and paste it on the checkout while making your payment.

Flights to Denver

Southwest Promo CodeAre you planning on traveling to Denver either for work, business, or vacation? You don’t have to pay the full price for your trip. Southwest airlines offer you a discount on the flight so that you can save some bucks that you can use while at Denver. With this deal, your trip to Denver will cost you less than $100. The discount, however, is not inclusive of any other, and it is a one time offer that you cannot transfer or sell to another person. You can browse the company’s website for more details and instructions on how to get it. You don’t require any promo code to enjoy the discount.

Zero bag fees  

One aspect that makes flights expensive is the cost of luggage. If you have to pay for your bags, you may end up leaving your essentials to avoid or cut on cost. Southwest Airlines do not want you to leave your bags behind or be anxious about that. With this deal, the airline offers you a chance to book your trip with no bag fees. To get the offer, you require no coupon code.

Sign up for membership

Southwest Airlines runs a membership program where you earn points every time you use the Southwest airlines program. You can then redeem the points later to get various products, including free flights. You should sign up with your email. Then, you will be receiving alerts on the latest offers and deals from Southwest airlines. When you sign up, Southwest Airlines offers you 1000 bonus points. The membership reward program also qualifies you for exclusive deals from the airline.

Mobile app 

Southwest airline also has a mobile app that you can download and install on your phone. You can use the app to get the latest deals and offers from the airline. You can also use it to make payments when using Southwest airlines products, including car rentals. The airline is giving you a chance to get the app for free.