Comparison of No Deposit Bonuses Offered in California vs. Canada

The chance to gable before you even deposit your money is surely tempting. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or expert player – no deposit bonuses are always trending among gamblers. Thankfully, you can easily find at least a few websites that offer such bonuses. This gives you a chance to try games before you invest in them, see if you like them, and learn how to play them. Not to mention, some no deposit bonuses are sticky, which means that you could potentially win real money when you play with them.

If you are gambling in Canada or California, you can find many great sites that make such offers. This article will help you learn the difference between casinos that operate in these two locations.

Gambling in California

Today, there are over 60 land-based casinos in total in California, most of which are native-owned. They offer around 80 different table games and their variations. Since the ruling of 2018 when the Supreme Court authorized states to legalized betting on sports, gamblers have had more opportunities to play with their money.


Even so, you won’t find Californian online casinos since these are restricted by law.

California offers a mixture of gambling options that include Native American land-based casinos, as well as some poker rooms. Right now, it is illegal to operate and own real money online casino websites in this state.

However, there’s no law that prevents gamblers from playing such games on other gambling websites. As long as you play at a regulated and licensed site, you aren’t breaking any laws. California might not have legally approved online sites, but the neighboring states do allow for online gambling, and they offer this as an option to players from this state.

Many licensed United States casinos cater to the needs of players in this state. Some of them offer various bonuses including no deposit welcome packages, free spins coupons, matched bonuses, etc. These bonuses are either sticky or non-sticky and usually come with different wagering requirements.

Generally speaking, the best bonuses for free play you can get if you play in California range between $10 and $25. For these, you need no deposit and often, not even signing up on a website. They can also be combined with some free spins. For example, you might be offered a bonus of $20 and up to 50 free spins as a welcome to a new casino website.

Gambling in Canada

No deposit bonuses mean that you’re playing the game with money from the house, not your own. If you’re lucky and skilled, this can bring you more money to gamble. Such bonuses in Canada are usually welcome offers, created to tempt new players to join and allow them to learn how the website and its offered games work.

In most Canadian casinos that have such bonuses, you don’t even have to sign up to gamble and use them. If you arrive at the point where you can withdraw your money, provided that you’ve met their wagering requirements, you’ll need to sign up and verify your identity.

The gambling industry in Canada has a complicated history and present. Gambling was legal until the law in 1892. Later in the 1900s, casual raffles and bingo games were allowed for charitable events. Next, horse races were legalized.

So far, the greatest breakthrough in the industry came in 1985. This is when gaming machines were legalized and casinos started to appear across Canada.


Today, almost all gambling forms are legalized. But, online gambling remains tricky since local companies cannot get a license to operate online casinos. This makes for a very similar situation as in California. Players are not restricted from gambling online, but the country does not give licenses to local companies.

Even so, there are many sites that are available to Canadians. In them, you can find similar no deposit bonuses that include or are restricted to free spins. You might get some bonus money going up to $25, but in most cases, you’ll find free spins as part of the welcome package.

Comparing the Two

Online casinos are not locally available in California and Canada. But, Californians have access to online Californian gambling websites that aren’t located in the state. The same applies to Canadians – they can play at sites that are operated offshore on the Web.

In both cases, you can find some no deposit bonuses. Californian sites usually offer no deposit bonuses that go up to $25 and up to 50 free spins. In Canadian sites, you can find up to 25 free spins and rarely some money no deposit bonuses.

In addition to an exclusive website for players from these locations, you might even find some websites that offer their games to all players.