Crazy Hidden Benefits of Having an Under Desk Footrest

A footrest is a terrific addition to any living room, and it is now trendy in living room decor. Before you go out and buy a footrest in, make sure you check details and understand what it is used for. The footrest is classified as a sort of couch by furniture specialists. The footrest, like a couch, can be used for seating, albeit only momentarily. In addition to seats, a footrest can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the style you choose. Some can also be used as storage, while others are strong enough to serve as a coffee or end table.

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Functions of The Footrest

Stool for Your Feet

The majority of individuals buy footrests to use as a footrest. This design is intended to be used as a footrest while sitting on a couch or chair. The height of your footstool footrest should be shorter than your seating furniture because it is designed to support your feet up while you are utilizing your couch or living chair. Choose a footrest with a height of 13 to 15 inches if you want to use it as a footstool.


Footrests should be shorter than your sofa but a little taller than a footstool footrest if they are to be used primarily as seating. A seated foot rest’s recommended height range is 15′′-18′′. You can still use it to prop your feet up, but no one will be as low to the ground as you are.

Coffee Table

A coffee table footrest could be just what you need if your living room lacks space or you simply want to try a fresh style. The padded top of the coffee table footrest allows you to rest your feet on it comfortably. It can, however, provide the same purpose as a standard coffee table by supporting any objects you choose to keep close at hand. Because you want your coffee table to be about 2 inches shorter than your couch, the height of the coffee table footrest should be between 16 and 20 inches, depending on the size of your sofa.

Storage Footrest

Depending on what you want your storage footrest to perform other than storage, it should be between 15′′ and 20′′ tall. If you wish to use the footrest as a footstool, choose one close to the height guidelines for a footstool footrest.

Some footrests have a lot of storage space; hence they’re called storage footrests. It does, however, go above and above to allow the user to utilize it as a coffee table. The three lids can be turned over to form built-in storage trays, and it’s robust enough to store drinks and other goods. The height of a footrest should not exceed the size of your couch. To get to your stuff on a coffee table that is taller than your couch, you’ll have to reach up. This is, once again, unsettling and awkward; therefore, you should check details before logging in to a site like to buy a footstool.