Customize Your Promotional Mugs and Tumblers with The Following Tips and Tricks

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages around the world. Many people love it. It spurs the mornings of many people. To many, it stimulates the body—making them more productive throughout the day. So, what does this means? It means there is a ripe market when it comes to mugs, tumblers, etc. Take advantage of this market niche. Pull a bold promotional statement with mugs and tumblers with the following tips and tricks.

fancycrave1 (CC0), Pixabay

Try Gradients

Color can work wonders. It can completely transform a product’s appearance. With the help of advanced color techniques, you can now achieve enhanced gradation. In the right quantities, these colors can convert an ordinary product into an extraordinary item. And this is particularly true when it comes to coffee mugs or tumblers.


Aside from color, there are many other ways to enhance the look of your promotional mugs or tumblers. Matte rubber coatings are now creating shockwaves in the market. They’re the new talk of the town. Everyone is rushing to incorporate them into their promotional products. Rubberizing your coffee mugs will make them look tough and stylish.

Consider Using Walls Wisely

For double-walled items, you may want to consider imprinting quality pictures on the inner wall. This will play a significant role in protecting the art and raising the value of your mugs even further. Plus, it will make your customization completely embodied. And when this happens, your brand distribution will flow seamlessly.

The Lids

A good lid can enhance the appearance of your promotional mugs. Spill-proof lids are super-cool and can add innovative value to your mugs or tumblers. There are actually so many lid designs you may want to consider. So, don’t limit yourself to specific options.

Other than button-press lids, mugs and tumblers can feature two lids. One of them will be outfitted with an inbuilt straw for cold drinks and the other will feature a twist opening for hot drinks.

Leverage On Light

Choose unique colors and include transparent outer walls. This will create lasting impressions. Light up your mugs and promo tumblers and see how magical they’ll turn out to be. You don’t have to limit yourself to conventional designs. Get creative and light up your promotional products like a flare.

Remember, nothing is as beautiful as light. It can transform an ordinary-looking mug into a classic piece of art. So, what are you still waiting for? Act fast and give your brand an instant uplift. Offer your customers several mugs in different colors. Let them blink constantly, creating the maximum impact.

The Bottom-Line

People love coffee. According to the stats, millions of coffee packets are consumed each day in the US. This makes tumblers and mugs very important when it comes to promotional materials. Thus, take advantage of this opportunity and design a strong promotional message through mugs and tumblers. The above tips and tricks will help you design creative promotional mugs and tumblers.