Energy Consumption – Everything You Need To Know To Reduce Your Business Electricity Bills

High electricity bills can be a major concern for most businesses. You don’t need to spend loads of money on electricity bills because there are many ways you can reduce your business’s energy use and cut down the electricity bill.

xegxef (CC0), Pixabay

From simply changing your behavior to installing better equipment, energy can be easily conserved. Here are a few tips and tricks to kick start your journey to conserving energy and saving electricity.

1) Check your roof and ceiling

Your ceiling insulation must be on point to keep your office properly cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Properly installed roof insulation can help keep indoors cool during the summer month.

During the summers, installed suitable roof tiles can help keep the room cooler by reflecting the sunlight. You can also paint the roof with heat-reflecting paint to reduce the heat absorbed into the building during the summers.

2) Keep in check your heating and cooling system

To reduce power usage, you should keep your building temperature down by one degree during winters and increase one degree in summers.

3) Check your water heater

As the years’ pass, a water heater starts losing its ability to retain water heat, which is why you must insulate your water heater. It would help if you also upgraded to the most energy-efficient version of the water heater. If you do not use your heater frequently, you should consider using a tankless model to reduce waste and storage costs.

4) Adjust your water temperature

If you set your heater at an optimal temperature between 110-120 degrees, you can save a lot of money.

5) Make use of sunlight

Light bulbs consume energy, whereas the sunlight is free. So what’s better than using the sunlight. Put up the blinds and let the sunlight shine in. Try to utilize the daytime as much as possible to save energy.

6) LED bulbs

LED bulbs use less energy as compared to normal bulbs. So it is a wise decision to change your bulbs as a long-term investment.

7) Use energy-saving features

Printers, air conditioners, microwaves, and heaters have energy-saving features which most people are unaware of. It would help if you educated yourself and your employees regarding these features so that energy costs can be cut down. If your appliances do not have energy-saving features, then discard them and get energy-efficient equipment.

8) Get an energy audit

An energy audit provides you with information regarding energy consumption. It tells you details about your energy usage. Most energy bonkers such as Utility Bidder provide free energy audits. So contact your energy broker before you get one.

9) Upgrade your old equipment

If your air conditioner or heater is old and not working full efficiency and effectiveness that will consume unnecessary energy. So it is better to replace your old worn-out equipment with new ones.


By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily reduce your electricity bill. We tend to undermine the effects of such small behavior changes at work, but they are the acts that make a huge difference. These tips will help you reduce not only your bill but also promote a healthy environment.