Do men prefer Online Casinos to Brick and Mortar Casinos?

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Over the years of human existence, the gambling world has ended up becoming more and more developed, originating as something that was played illegally in secretive taverns and bars, before slowly moving closer to the world of casino that we know today. Funnily enough, casinos have only been around since the 16th century, something that tends to surprise people when they consider how popular they are today.

But the main reason behind casinos’ incredible popularity at the moment is because of a fairly newcomer on the market: online casino. This has only been a genuinely commercially-viable thing since the turn of the century, but there are already more people gambling online in the 21st century than in land-based brick and mortar casinos. But here’s the thing: do men prefer online casinos to brick and mortar casinos? Read ahead to find out.

Online Casinos: Men cannot get enough of the practicality

One thing that online casino undeniably has over brick and mortar casinos is the fact that it is so much more practical to play in the modern world, seeing as all you need is a valid internet connection to play. What this means is that men in the 21st century can gamble away to their heart’s content without even leaving the house!

Now, this is a massive selling point for an online casino within all demographics, however for men, who often have more physically demanding jobs, it can make all the difference when they fancy a spot of gambling.

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Brick and mortar casinos: Men cannot get enough of the classic grandeur

For all the talk of how practical online casinos is there is one thing that you cannot argue against, and that is that it is very hard to match the inherent grandeur and class associated with genuine brick and mortar casinos. These establishments are also quite masculinized in the majority of cases as males were the original target market and still are the main one too.

This fact can make it extremely difficult for men to pick between online casino like Davedealer and brick and mortar casinos, on the one hand, you have the innate practicality of the former, but on the other is the highbrow sophistication of the latter.

Online casinos: Men cannot get enough of the instant scope of choice

One other thing that online casinos can hold against its land-based compatriot is the fact that most online casino sites have so many more options in terms of games than casinos in the real world, and they are all available at the click of a button too! Men have historically short attention spans, so this fact makes the online casino world a lot more desirable.

Brick and mortar casinos: Sometimes you cannot beat the real thing

For all of the online casino’s positives, there is still no getting away from the fact that it is insanely difficult to beat the real thing when it comes to gambling.