Most Common Bingo Rewards

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There are all kinds of reasons why so many people play bingo. It is partially to do with the enjoyment of the game, of course – no one would do it if they didn’t enjoy it. It is also partially because bingo is a great way to spend fun time with friends and family or even to make friends while you are playing. And then there are the prizes which, for some, is the only reason to play. If you are curious about just what these prizes might be, here are some of the most common ones that you might get from Barbados bingo sites.


Cash is probably the biggest and most exciting prize which can be a win in bingo. It is going to depend exactly where you’re playing and the number of other people who are in the game with you as to exactly how much you are going to be able to win – the cash prizes in the bigger linked games with progressive jackpots are able to reach into the millions and are very often in the high six-figure sums. These are potentially life-changing amounts of cash and they’re definitely a big reason why folks want to play bingo. All things considered because it’s a game of chance, everybody playing has approximately the same opportunity as anybody else (depending on the number of cards they’ve purchased to play with), so everyone can feel lucky and have an opportunity to win a lot of money.

Just to put things in perspective, the largest bingo reward was £5.9million won by Jon Orchard in 2012. Most bingo prizes are actually a lot smaller than this, though the thought of winning much more than you paid to play is always going to make people keen to become involved.



Tokens are an intriguing and different option for cash. These tokens, or perhaps tickets, can be exchanged for various different prizes, and you’re most likely to see this kind of bingo game in an arcade type of situation, rather than in a real bingo hall, or online. Remember, you will have to win a lot of tickets to gain anything particularly worthwhile, therefore it could be an expensive way to get a prize! Still, it’s the taking part that counts in this situation, so make the most of the fun game ahead of you.


Who’s ever likely to say no to winning a holiday? Very few people, that’s for certain! And when you can win that prized holiday just for playing bingo, it’s even better, especially when they have not had to spend much to enter the game.

So holidays and short breaks are actually a good prize that some bingo games offer. Before you enter to play a game with a prize like this, you will need to ensure that it’s somewhere you want to go and that you can take the time off to go there (some will have specific dates in place). Otherwise, it would be a waste of time playing, especially as these prizes won’t be able to be exchanged for cash in most cases if any.