Durian Chips, the Product of Thailand

The reason why durian chips are in such massive demand in Thailand and other parts of the world is best understood if you know the fruit well enough. Durian fruit is one of the several exotic foods native to Thailand and consumed in various fruit ripeness stages. Again, durian gets served as sweet desserts in several Southeast Asian Countries. The seeds of durian are roasted and eaten too.

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It is now widely cultivated in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Although the durian fruit has a mildly sweet taste, its odor is very repulsive. Its scent is very pungent for many people, and for some, it smells like rotten onions. The negative part of this fruit is that the smell lingers in the environment for several days. It is also one reason why this fruit has gotten banned from being sold in public in many places.

However, unlike the fruit, durian chips are quite odor-free and are consumed worldwide.

Various Health Benefits of Durian 

Durian is one of the healthiest fruit if you go through the different nutrient contents in it. Experts believe that it is full of healthy fats and can decrease heart diseases and strokes. It can also regulate blood pressure and can balance the fluids within the body, including salt.

Again, the fruit contains vitamin C and can control free radicals within your body and thus improving your immune system to fight diseases. Being a high-calorie fruit can be enough if you consume a part of it for the whole day. Besides, you also find potassium in it and tryptophan that enhances sleep quality and removes insomnia.

Although it has several benefits for human health, it also has some side effects, and that too much of it can increase blood sugar. The fruit shouldn’t get consumed with alcohol as it can prove unhealthy for the stomach and create a horrible hangover.

As the product of Thailand, its consumption should be in the form of chips.

Durian Fruit Chips from Thailand

Durian fruit chips from Thailand have a quality all their own. It is packed in vacuumed packs and exported to other countries. It retains its full flavor, yet you get an odorless product in the end. The shelf life of these packets of chips is around six months and should get immediately consumed when packs open.

You will find that there is enough fiber present in chip form in it such that it helps digestion and the presence of vitamin B1 and B3 that promotes nutrient absorption into the body system.

You may consume durian chips as a snack during tea time or eat them when traveling as it is pretty good food for immediate hunger relief. It is quite right that it is a delicious treat and you get to see them on supermarkets’ shelves in other countries.

Because of their nutrients and particular taste, durians are called the ‘King of Fruits’ in several South Asian countries. You may easily purchase them from any reliable online store.