Fruit Cakes that are on Board for Juicing up your Commemorations


Want to titillate the foodie soul of your dear one? Cakes are a vital part of every joyous occasion. It is a delicious dessert that satiates everyone’s taste bud. The soft and spongy texture of a sweet cake melts your mouth and soul. Extremely tasty fruit cakes can titillate the foodie soul of your near and dear ones. Cakes are ruling over the heart and taste buds for ages. A fruit cake with dry fruits, spices, and nuts makes you feel heavenly when you taste it. Traditionally, fruit cakes refer to the alcohol-soaked delicious fruit cakes. These cakes last longer because the alcohol content in the cakes acts as a preservative.

Different types of fruit cakes

The first thing that comes in your mind when you want to name an iconic Christmas dessert is fruit cake. When made well with fresh ingredients, fruit cakes are a delicious treat to your taste buds. They work very well as a birthday cake too. Below given are some types of fruit cakes that are on board for juicing up your commemorations.

1. Clementine Layer Cake

At least one of the many occasions needs a show stopper and this cake is one of them. Clementine layer cakes are beautiful cakes with a smooth Clementine flavored swiss meringue buttercream. The Dulce de Leche in this recipe gives a divine taste and also has a good thick delicious layer of buttercream in the center of the cake. They look beautiful in the colorful layers and are sure to blow your mind in flavor with the caramel flavored cake and the flavors in the buttercream. They are creatively decorated by sprinkling a ring of Feuilletine flakes around the edges and then two rings of rosemary and dried orange slice. They are not only delicious but look fabulous too!

2. Blackberry Lemon Yogurt Cake

The blackberry lemon yogurt cake is an example that berries in the cake makes even the best cake special. These cakes taste fresh and juicy with the light on sugar and are perfect for breakfast and teatime. The blackberry yogurt cake tastes the best on the day they are baked. If you are good at baking download the recipe from the internet and enjoy every step of the baking process. If not, you can easily find it in any of the online cake shops and get fresh delicious cakes delivered at your home via online cake delivery services. Blackberries used in the cakes make them look pretty and nutritious too. Blackberries, though a common fruit variety, are rich in nutrition and add greatly to a health-promoting diet. These cakes are a juicy treat to your mouth.

3. Blood Orange Polenta Drizzle Cake

Cakes mark the beginning of every occasion. They make every special day glorious with their super taste. Want to give your dessert an Italian flavor? Then try this delicious blood orange polenta drizzle cake. Give a twist to your classic lemon drizzle cake with juicy blood oranges. These blood orange polenta drizzle cakes are easily made and are a perfect treat to accompany your morning coffee. These cakes are perfect for every occasion and are the source of happiness to delight your near and dear ones. Though the baking process undergoes several stages with the change in time, they always result in a sweet and luscious dessert.

Final thoughts

Online cake shops are fully set with plenty of fresh cakes, in mouthwatering flavors to delight your loved ones with its taste. They are always the best gift for every sugar-filled occasion. Surprise your loved ones with the best fruit cakes on their special days.

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