Best Helmm Promo Code & Coupons

Helmm describes itself as a pit-friendly, planet-friendly deodorant brand. Its product line includes starter kits, refill pods, vessels, and gift sets. Let us take a look at the best Helmm coupons. Save on your shopping.

Top Helmm Coupons

Promo Code Discount Expiration
No coupon code required $15 Off Helmm Starter Kit Subscriptions Limited time
No coupon code required Free Pouch With Orders Over $45 Limited time
No coupon code required Free Refill On Orders Over $60 Limited time
WELCOME 15% Off First Purchase Limited time
CAVALIER 10% Off Your Orders Limited time
No coupon code required Free Shipping On All Orders $30+ Limited time
No coupon code required Free Vessel On Order $100+ Limited time
Shop at Amazon 15% Off Limited time

$15 Off Helmm Starter Kit Subscriptions

The first best coupon at Helmm is this voucher that lets shoppers get up to $15 discounts the Helmm starter kit subscriptions. Promo is valid for a limited time only.

This is a deodorant subscription you do not want to miss. Get premium deodorants delivered to your doorstep. Theirs are eco-friendly and refillable deodorants made with their patented permanent vessel and refill pod system that improve the functionality and reduce plastic waste. They use 65 percent less plastic than traditional containers.

Furthermore, users also get premium scents inspired by nature and designed by a world-renowned perfumer. Wear the individual scents or merge them together.

Helmm offers clean, proven formulas that actually work, made for all types of adventures. Use them for your casual events, at the office, while playing sports, or when heading for a night out.

Free Pouch With Orders Over $45

Order over $45 at the store to grab your free pouch. Shop now and subscribe to the line of products at Helmm.

How does Helmm work? Simple. First, you choose your desired scent and formula. Choose from the award-winning formulations at Helmm and select your premium fragrance. Then, set your schedule as they bring eco-friendly refills at your location, as often as you like, just like subscribing to your beauty boxes, and more. They offer a risk-free, money-back guarantee should you want to change your mind about using their products.

Here are more coupons to enjoy at Helmm.

Free Refill On Orders Over $60

Get your refill for free when you order over $60 at Helmm.

Award-winning French perfumer Cecile Hua designed the distinct fragrances at Helmm. They make sure the scents available at the store are lighter and fresher than other brands. Therefore, with this, the fragrances at Helmm are able to change the way you think about using antiperspirants and deodorants. Explore their unique fragrances right now.

The scents include the crisp, cool and adventurous Trailblazer scent, the casual, comfortable and free Coastline scent, the fresh, clean and confident Hudson scent, and finally, the sensual, warm, and sophisticated Night Market scent. Sport the scent that you want.

Each scent comes with various ingredients. The Trailblazer scent is perfect for every outdoorsy individual. It users the Italian bergamot essential oil known to inhibit the growth of body odor-causing germs. This scent also incorporates green cardamom extract, known as the third most expensive spice after vanilla and saffron. It is used in aromatherapy to boost energy, clarity, and confidence. With the pure ginger essence in this scent, you are offered with antioxidant properties that are sure to relieve stress. It is also a recommended aphrodisiac.

15% Off First Purchase

The coupon code WELCOME will offer shoppers with their 15 percent discounts at the Helmm store.

The second scent is the Coastline scent. What are in the Coastline scent? The aroma of the coastline is the perfect way to refresh with. This uses lavender essential oil and mandarin essential oil, designed for your needs. Lavender essential oil is known for their natural purifying properties, with their gentle, soothing aroma. The Mandarin essential oil is one of the most mild and calming among all citrus essential oils.

You will get to know more about the rest of the scents later on.


10% Off Your Orders

Grab 10 percent off your orders at Helmm with the coupon code CAVALIER.

The third scent is Hudson, characterized by being fresh, clean and confident. It uses the anti-bacterial and antioxidant wild peppercorn essence to enhance the strength and fragrance performance of the product. It also is designed with vetiver absolute that helps sooth, comfort, and calm, plus its antiseptic properties are the best ways to enhance the way you smell. Lastly, it uses cedarwood essential oil known for its warm, woody notes for promoting balance and emotional well-being.

Free Shipping On All Orders $30+

Get shipping for free on all your orders $30 and above at the store.

Who would ever think that the night market will be used as inspiration for Helmm’s products? The Night Market scent uses the Australian sandalwood essential oil, offering rich, complex, and long-lasting woody notes that are refreshing at the same time. Then, you got the carrot seed extract known for its vitamins, thus rejuvenating and protecting the skin from environmental stress. The popular Mediterranean ingredient, the cypriol essential oil is also in the Helmm products.

Free Vessel On Order $100+

Get a free vessel when you order $100 and above at Helmm.

Helmm offers modern, dermatologist-approved formulas designed for every adventurer. They provide natural deodorants, sports deodorants, and antiperspirants and deodorants.

15% Off

Purchase Helmm products at Amazon to grab 15 percent discounts when shopping.

Among the products at the Helmm catalog include the Heritage Starter Kit, Natural Deodorant, Compass Vessel, Heritage Gift Sets, and so much more.