The Top Hotwire Promo Code & Discounts (2020)

Holiday bookings and travel might be expensive and discourage you from spending your vacation in your dream destination. This is where Hotwire comes into rescue your pocket and leave you with some buck to spend on other things. The platform has discounts, promo codes, coupons, and offers for you. They provide excellent coupons for car rentals, flight booking, and even hotels. The current promo codes are working for users, and that is why you need to try several and save more as you enjoy. Below, find the top promo codes and deals you can use for your next vacation.

Top Hotwire Promo Codes

5% off

If you have a Hotwire promo code, then booking a car rental is pretty straightforward and cost-effective. This is because you get an instant 5% discount when you use the promo code HOTRATE5. Copy the code and visit the website, then activate the code for use during checkout. This is a limited offer, and getting it now is a sure way of saving more.

20% off Hot Rate Hotel Bookings

Here is an offer you will never regret using. It’s what you have been waiting for to uncover your longtime travel dream. Using this promo code for a hotel booking is a massive save. When you book with your Union pay card, then 20% off is your offer. The code you need for this transaction is UNIONPAYHW20. Copy and paste at the checkout for activation then automatically apply it to your booking.

60% off Hotel Booking

Are you ready to grab this last-minute offer? Well, this offer guarantees you 60% off when you apply it to your booking. The offer is an onsite booking and doesn’t require a code for booking. Instead, visit the site and enjoy the offer. It’s time to save while you get the usual luxury with your coupon. This is a coupon that may expire anytime because it is irresistible. Therefore, try it now and enjoy massive savings.

Daily Hotel Deals: At least 40% off 4-star hotels

An idea on how you can save during your upcoming vacation is here with us. We have excellent news for you by sharing the 40% off deal on 4-star hotels. Well, this is what should be on your mind when thinking about a nice place, but you are on a budget. Saving 40% isn’t a light deal; instead, it’s an offer you need to grab right away.

Up to $422 off when you book a flight and hotel together

What can you do with $422? Well, it’s a lot and that’s why we need you to think twice before booking a hotel and flight on any other place other than This platform allows you to save a whole $422. This is a short-term offer, and utilizing it this early is a great idea. Try the offer on the site and let us know how you benefited from it.

10-40% off on select flights year-round!

Great offers are tailored for you if you want to save and get the 10-star luxury with a minimal budget. Well, share the 10-40% offer for you so that you can have your flight all year round without worry about high prices. The promotion doesn’t require a code; instead, you need to visit the site and claim your offer.

15% off

This is another offer that comes for anyone ready to get the best treatment at affordable prices. You will get the offer to your booking when you use the code SPRING15. Copy and paste it at the checkout for activation then apply it to your purchase. This offer is ongoing and will soon expire. Why regret after missing the offer, and it’s currently available? Use it now and enjoy 15% off instantly.

Up to 20% off vacations in Miami

An expensive vacation can discourage you from visiting your destination places worldwide. However, Hotwire comes to your rescue by providing up to 20% on your hotel bookings in Miami. Visit the site to see the offer and take it right away before it expires. This is the only way to meet your desires on a limited budget.

About Hotwire

This is a travel agency owned by Expedia Group. They offer wallet-friendly rates on different bookings on car rentals, flights, and even hotels. The coupons and offers available sitewide enable you to save while still getting the top-rated services.


How do I use the coupon?

If you have a code, copy and paste at the checkout for activation, then automatically apply to your purchase. If you have a coupon without a code, visit the site and get the deal on the site.

How often do the Hotwire offers come in place?

The offers are always available, and that’s why you need to be keen on every offer that comes in place. However, they have expiry dates hence the need to utilize your select offer on your bookings.

Is your vacation coming soon? Well, book everything with and save your pocket. This is the only way to get the best at affordable rates. You need the promo code to activate your offer. Also, you can visit the site directly for offers that lack a promo code. Enjoy your next destination with