The Best Promo Codes & Deals (2020)


Spelling City is offering great promo codes for you. They have great packages for schools, teachers, and students. Their programs include different classes and grades. Help your child improve their vocabulary by purchasing a package at a great offer. Check the promo codes below to see which one suits you the best. Promo Codes

Three free months!

Where else can you find such a deal? Spelling City is giving out 3 free months when you register for 12 months. Of course, when you register for 12 months together, the cost is cheaper. All you need is to use the coupon code “Spring20” when making the purchase and you get 3 free months. The deal is there for a limited time so grab the offer while it is still on.

$10 off any $70 order

Spelling City wants to make sure its customers get the best deal at a good price. That is why they are offering a discount of $10 on any $70 and above order. Make your purchase and include the promo code “2017SPECIAL” when making the purchase. The code should be exactly as it is to get the discount. Grab the offer now as it is there for a limited time.

Free 2 extra months

Where else do you get free stuff? I bet no other place. Spelling City has a special offer for you. Use the code “SPRING17” and get free for two months. The offer is for a limited time so get the offer now. Make sure you write the promo code correctly to get the offer.

Buy annual membership and get two free months

SpellingCity Promo CodeSpelling City is giving out two free months when you buy an annual membership. Purchase the package and use the promo code “Spring2014” and make sure you write it correctly. Grab the offer as it is there for a limited time.

20% off

Any saving is a good saving. Spelling City wants to make sure all their customers are happy and get the best from them. For that reason they are offering 20% off any purchase you make as long as you use the promo code “2008NMAP4STU” the offer is for any person who purchases using the code.

20% off parent subscription

Parents, here’s a great offer for you. Get a parent subscription at 20% less. When making your purchase use the discount code “PARENT20” and you will get the discount. This will help you to help your child to improve as you will use the programs available. And the whole process of teaching your kids will help you bond more. Grab it now.

15% off

Do you want your child’s young brain to keep active? Purchasing a program from Spelling City will help in that. That way your child will learn a lot and also grow a lot academically. Buying a program from Spelling City is not as expensive as you would have thought. They also want to make sure your child gets the best. In that case, they are offering 15% off from your purchase when you use the code “SUMMER16”. Get the program now, and you will never regret it.

Up to July offer

Did you know you can purchase assignments that contain a marking scheme, a full year membership at a great offer? You don’t have to come up with an assignment that you honestly don’t know if it’s your child’s level. Spelling City has made it easy for you. Use the discount code “15offSummer15” and get a great offer on what you purchase. Help yourself and your child too by getting a program from Spell City.


Spelling City is a site that helps students, teachers, and parents through the whole academic process. They do this through programs they have created that include all grade assignments and tests that have marking schemes. The site has won awards for being the best. This means that teachers and parents can trust their kids are getting the best from the best.


How long are the offers?

They don’t have a specific time. Some take long while others are one day offer. Make sure you go through the offer to know the time or even better grab it when you see it.

Do all offers have a discount code?

No, some don’t have discount codes.

What exactly does Spelling City offer?

They have over 40 skills activities for your kid. A detailed program that tells you the progress of your child, an independent study program and a test for your kid.

Every parent wants to see their kid get the best education and perform great. Every teacher wants to see good results from their students. Spelling City wants to help you achieve that. They offer the best programs at the best price. That way, it will not be hard to make sure your child achieves it. visit their site and check their programs.

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