How To Become Lucky

Some people seem to get all the good luck in the world and achieve anything they set their minds to, while others struggle to make it through their daily lives while being bombarded with bad luck.
Why is that? Is it a matter of choice, faith, odds, physics, or something more mystical?

Many people try to regain good luck by carrying certain objects with them like the well-known rabbit’s foot, a four-leave clover, a horseshoe, lucky dice, etc. Others rely more on actions to gain good luck, such as knocking on wood or throwing salt over your left shoulder.
Other activities, on the other hand, cause bad luck. Think of things like breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors, etc.

In this article, I will cover a few methods that have actually worked to get lucky.

Have positive thoughts

How you interpret life is up to you. What’s a horrible situation for some, is a blessing for others. You could say that it’s all a matter of perspective. So, if you alter your perspective, you alter your interpretation and thus alter your life. Follow me?

Having a positive point of view helps you focus more on the good things in life and also helps you discover more opportunities that can make life a lot easier on you. Also, you won’t be so bummed out anymore when obstacles come on your path. Instead of feeling let down, you’ll see these obstacles as challenges or opportunities. Give it a try!

Visualize your success

A lot of bad luck comes from the idea that you will fail in the (near) future. Something exciting is going to happen and already imagine the outcome in a negative way.

Let me give you an example: Your blind date is approaching and you have booked a table in a nice restaurant. You start to get a little nervous while you are getting dressed for the occasion while you are afraid that you might make a fool of yourself by your lack of table manners or running out of things to say. You will start your date evening with a feeling of fear and failure before you even arrive at the restaurant. But what if you visualize yourself as a charming and well-mannered person who makes his or her date blush and giggle because of your sense of humor and sensibility. This visualization will actually shape you into the person that you see in the future.

Now, don’t think that this will help on all levels of good or bad luck. If you visualize yourself as a millionaire using your online casino bonus and you empty your bank account in a slot machine, things might turn out to be a bit more unfortunate than you have imagined.


Most lucky people take their time to reflect on life. They take time to look at a situation from different perspectives and learn from the situations that they are in. If you brush a negative situation away, then you are left feeling hurt and left with the empty wound that the situation has caused you. But, if you take time to look at what really happened, you might find something positive has actually happened to you.

For example; you applied for the job that you have been wanting for years and you spend so much time preparing for this job. But you just got turned down after your well-prepared interview. Now, you can feel really down about it and it may seem that you totally ran out of further options, or…you can actually feel relieved and free because now you are “exposed” to new and fresh possibilities. Who knows what lies around the corner that you would have missed when things “went according to plan”?

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”
– Thomas Jefferson

Be open

Chances are, that when you are stuck in your own safety of your house for days, you won’t encounter good luck that much. This metaphor also applies when you are “stuck” in a situation or lifestyle.

Going out there and experiencing different impulses, exposes you to opportunities and choices.
Being open to new experiences and possibilities creates new ways to enhance your life and generally leads to “good luck” happening to you.

You can’t just sit still, playing with your good lucky charm, and wait until good luck comes skipping around the corner. You have to go out and grab it when the opportunity arises. When do you know that the opportunity is there to fetch? I hear you think. Well, that depends on your point of view. Remember what I told you about perspective?

Have a mantra

If you wake up every morning thinking that you are a total failure and think that you have all the bad luck in the world crashing over you, then try this:

Stretch out before you get out of bed and be grateful for another brand new day with countless new possibilities that can have a positive effect on your day. Walk up to the mirror, look yourself in the eye and repeat “I am successful, I am powerful, I am happy, I am handsome, I am lucky” and try to think of a few more positive things to say to yourself. You will soon find that you will walk out that door a lot happier than the day before.

Repeat these mantras over and over again in your head as soon as you feel down or unlucky and apply these wherever you are. It might sound a bit ridiculous but try it and you will soon find that this method is incredibly powerful and effective.

Seize the day

Now that you are armed with these new methods to good luck, go and put them into practice. Get out there and walk around, go to your work, do what you were supposed to do anyway, but just apply what you have just learned and start feeling pleased with what you will find. Good luck!