What Homeowners Should Consider When Shopping for New Aurora Windows

Based in one of the wealthiest areas in Canada, modern Aurora windows companies have a great selection of options to fit all architectural decisions and practical needs of their residents. However, in the world of the ever-growing number of goods and services, it’s crucial to be a conscious consumer, especially when planning home improvements.

While one can’t go wrong consulting with Aurora windows and doors contractors on the most suitable and sustainable option for their homes, there are a couple of energy-efficiency basics every homeowner should be aware of.

All in all, the key to the perfect windows lies in the balance between their efficient energy use, functionality, and aesthetical looks. And below, we’re going to break down the features that everyone planning renovations of window replacement should pay attention to.

What Makes Windows Energy-Efficient?

Thanks to the latest window technologies, now people can lower their monthly utility costs by choosing the right windows for their places. Here are the characteristics of quality window features that make them sustainable and, most importantly, energy-efficient.

The number of Panes

Unlike older, single-paned windows, most modern options come with dual or even triple panes of glass, which provides better insulation and contributes to the reduction of energy use. The bigger the number of panes, the better the window is in terms of energy performance, heat retention, and prevention of condensation.

Low emissivity Glass

Also known as Low-e coating, low emissivity refers to the window glass’s ability to sustain contrastive temperatures and provide good thermal performance throughout the year. Apart from amping up the house with a consistent temperature all year long, this technology can also protect the furniture from fading, which is especially important for places that are exposed to natural light.

Additional Glass Coating

If a place needs a UV-protection enhancement, homeowners can opt for a 4th surface coating to their double-pane windows. This technology is meant to improve the windows’ ability to withstand the heat, reflecting it back into the house with its transparent and durable coating (TCO).

Insulating Spacers

Spacers in windows are responsible for keeping the right amount of air space between the glass pane. There should be a specific distance between the panes so that the air space spreads evenly, hence providing a place with decent insulation properties and reducing condensation. When condensation occurs, it leads to the release of energy, so it’s always wise to consider this moment too while choosing Aurora windows.

Gas Fill

Many manufacturers produce windows with gas-filled space between their panes to provide superior thermal protection. Such an enhancement can be used in all climates, and it usually comes with argon or krypton gas. Energy efficiency and costs are what make the difference between the two, however, both offer a good value. According to manufacturers, argon is a great option for double-pane windows, while krypton is a nice match for triple-pane options.

Solar Radiation Coefficient

The solar heat gain coefficient, or (SHGC), indicates the amount of solar radiation that the window can transmit through its glass. The radiation transmitted by the window is released as heat inside the house, so those who take a thorough approach to their home renovations would also want to pay attention to this moment.

Before contacting Aurora windows companies, it’s better to be aware of what is available on the market. Since energy efficiency plays a huge role in the comfortable and harmonic living of homeowners, they want window replacement or update to be a well-made investment. Today, we’ve covered all the essential basics of choosing energy-efficient windows to help Aurora residents plan their home renovations properly.