How to Correctly Create a Product Card for an Online Store?

An online store without correctly filled out product cards loses potential customers every day since often the first and last page viewed by the user is the product card. This is where the buyer makes the final purchase decision.

Even if you have the coolest texts on the main page and in other sections, the lack of good “filling” and an adequate price in the card lower the site by several positions in the “eyes” of users and search engines. To create a competitor’s price, get proxies for price monitoring, and make an effective product card, continue reading the article.

Product Card: What It Is and Why?

The product card in the online store is complete information about the product, which is supplemented with functional buttons for placing an order (“Add to Cart,” “Buy,” “Order”).

Users need a product card to:

  • get answers to all questions about the product;
  • make sure of the need to purchase the product;
  • order as quickly and simply as possible.

Correctly filled-out cards inspire trust and increase the degree of loyalty to the company.

Filling out Product Cards for the Online Store

Let’s consider how to correctly fill out a product card from scratch or optimize already created ones.

Name of the product

The ideal place for the product name is above the product image on the left, as according to research by Jakob Nielsen, users browse pages from left to right, starting from the top.

If goods of different types, brands, and characteristics are on sale, the name for the card should be built according to the following scheme:

  • type — what it is (for example, table, chair, bed);
  • manufacturer — the correct name of the brand;
  • collection — refers to products that are produced in lines;
  • characteristics — indicate the most important parameters (for example, the bed size).

You can also specify the article number of the product here. Unlike headlines for articles, long card titles are welcome because they immediately give the user the main information about the product.


The URL takes an active part in the search promotion of the site; therefore, when filling out the product card for the online store, you should pay special attention to it.

Therefore, a valid URL should:

  • include the full name of the product in Latin — in order not to make a mistake in writing words; it is better to do transliteration through special services;
  • contain the names of the categories/subcategories to which the product belongs.

For one page — 1 unique address. No duplicates.

Photos + video review of the product

The right picture is half the success. The photo shows the “face of the product” and can push the customer both to order and to decide to abandon the purchase. Show the product’s beauty from a better perspective and immediately see the increase in conversion.

Description of the product card

The description is a mandatory point in creating a product card for an online store. It must contain only true and up-to-date information about the product.


Having reviews from other consumers make the selection process easier. In addition, according to statistics, more than 60% read reviews and prefer online stores that have them.

The purchase area in the online store card must be visually separated from the product photo. It is recommended to include the following information: product availability, options to choose from (colors, sizes, materials), call-to-action button, special offers, and guarantees. We wish you high conversion and sales!