How to make continuous profit from sports betting


There are many thousands of articles all over the internet that are about how to be successful in sports betting, how to choose the best tips, and so on. However, before we dive into the sea of ​​these articles, it is enough to take a few basic tips to embark on the path of long-term profit. In the following, we will try to present these. Let’s start right away with the fact that it’s never enough to choose a single sports betting site. Because while bet365, for example, offers very good opportunities, the odds can vary between different sites, so if we find the best site, we can already increase our profits.

But so that we don’t have to register with 10-20 bookmakers ourselves, we can also use aggregator sites. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, there is a clear increase in profits from sports betting if we compare the odds of different bookmakers. And seeing everything in one place reduces time and increases efficiency. Of course, you should also follow news sites and sports betting sites, such as as this will keep you up to date with current events, issues, news, injuries, and more.

Understanding probabilities and math behind odds

Without a minimal love of math, we will have a hard time in the world of sports betting. We need to be somewhat aware of the numbers, the probabilities, and so on because that can significantly increase our chances of winning more serious sums. Mathematics is the key to betting and multiplying odds etc., nothing is based on simple luck. But we don’t have to think about very complicated math questions when it comes to sports betting. Think of something like finding betting events that contain a value. These are events where the probability offered by the bookmaker is less than the probability we calculated for a particular outcome. Plus we also need math to be able to read statistics, results against the different teams, history of series, and so on.

Before we get into sports betting more seriously, it’s worth knowing how a bookmaker determines the odds on its side. In fact, one important factor is that bookmakers don’t just determine the odds based on what the actual chances are for an outcome. It also matters how the majority of bettors is interested in the possibility of one or the other outcome. So our first tip for overcoming sports betting sites is to get more information than is usually available. Because in some sports, the bookmaker will certainly not invest energy in better tracking the odds, so once we have accumulated serious knowledge in that market, we can already start the betting. Plus, if we have more information than the average bettor, we may be able to make better tips compared to other bettors and the expectation of the bookie.

Always keep the bankroll management in head

It’s important to try to cover our chances for sure, so there are plenty of events imaginable where we can bet on two outcomes while making a profit. So if we are able to rule out a single outcome option, we can already have a guaranteed profit, no matter how the odds change. Of course, this is not easy, it also requires a lot of tracking, calculation, and intuition. But more importantly, the advice we need to take is that bankroll management is very important. This is always repeated by popular poker players and successful sports bettors, but it really is. Bankroll management is about managing the amount we intend to bet, to invest in sports betting. On the one hand, we definitely need to determine in advance what the boundaries are, how many dollars/euros we can spend, because at the end, we can easily lose all the money. On the other hand, we need to stick to the goal of not putting more than 1-5% of all our investable money on a single outcome.


This is important because many novice bettors make the mistake of starting to play with ever-increasing bets to get back the amount they previously lost as soon as possible. And while these can be successful, history and experience say that unfortunately, without perseverance in the topic of bankroll management, we will sooner or later lose everything. And it doesn’t have to be that way, you can make money from sports betting. Of course, very large losses can come into the picture, but by following a few basic rules, we can even earn a fixed income on a monthly basis. Just be consistent and patient.

Think about it, the statistics also show that there are opportunities in sports betting. It’s not like, say, playing slots in a casino where random numbers and luck generate the result. In sports betting, information, strategy, and perseverance are all factors that can help increase our chances. According to statistics, 7 of our 10 tips will most likely be good if we don’t deviate very much from reality. But win alone is not enough, we even have to look at how much we win, when we win and how. So it is very important to follow certain rules, because there has never been an example of someone being able to make a serious profit in the long run without reason and strategy.

If we look at the biggest and most successful sports bettors, we will also see that they have achieved success along certain strategies, plus they have been able to identify games that have really had value. And this was not achieved by accident, they spent many, many hours researching, reading, attending matches and trying to interpret the information.