Twitter is a platform that revolves around speed” – Neil Patel

Using Twitter for your business can be a confusing and new experience, especially if you are just starting out in digital marketing. However, when used right, Twitter helps to generate traffic, brand visibility, and growth for your business and boost your brand visibility while getting cheap Twitter follows for you.

With the recent overhaul of Twitter, the micro-blogging platform has turned into a powerful platform that is able to accurately target your audience and to instantly engage them on the site with or without costly forms of media.

In less than 280 words, you can turn out a value-packed campaign and have people following you and buying your content. Here are 19 examples of how top brands use Twitter.

Twitter is a social media dealing with what’s happening right now and trends so people usually check there to get updated on information happening all around the world and this can be an asset to business owners around the globe. It means that if and when people search for the latest news, brands, and products, and your brand is well positioned, it will show up in searches and help boost your business and followership.


  1. Connect with fans: It is very simple to connect with your present, past, and future customers on Twitter. With its “mentions” feature, you can quickly join conversations that you are mentioned in and build a strong fan base.
  2. Customer service: Many brands using Twitter for customer service can’t be wrong! This platform represents an effective way to handle the customer service of your brand. Instead of refreshing your emails, waiting for complaints, etc., you get instant notification whenever a customer mentions you to complain and you can attend to the complaint immediately.
  3. Keep tabs on your competitors: With the ability to create a “list” and add your competitors’ there, you can get notified about your competitor’s next moves and respond accordingly.
  4. Ads: You can create an ad campaign to drive even more sales of your merchandise. Want to launch a new product? Or want to spread awareness about your existing products, then the way to go is to use ads. Ads are usually spread among a large number of people very quickly and with the right strategy, it can be the difference between a successful Twitter experience for businesses and an unsuccessful one.

But people always agonize about how to run a successful marketing campaign on Twitter because running a campaign without planning well will only lead to throwing money into a black hole and wastage.

Planning a successful campaign is the first step to building your business through Twitter.


  1. Profile: The Digital Marketing Specialist Anna Morgan from TweetBoost admits: “If you really want to stand out in some way, you have to find a way to do it that hasn’t been done before” and this is where editing your profile comes into the picture. The first place your future customers may look at is your profile (profile picture, bio, and header) so it makes sense to make sure this is top quality. Your bio is a short description that should summarize your business and is a way for you to show off your brand image. It usually refers to your main website and your profile picture that should be round and should feature your brand logo. Another thing to include in your bio is your location if your business also owns an offline office. Also, make sure your pinned tweet is updated to show your latest products and other related services.
  2. Build a Brand Personality: This is the most important part of positioning and planning a successful Twitter campaign. Giving your business a personality, funny and witty, will make it an instant delight among customers and it will be more relatable to them. An example is Wendy’s Twitter page which is known for witty posts and replies. Cultivate a voice that people will get to know your brand for.
  3. Engage with your followers: Engagement is the end goal of every marketing campaign. Even if 20 million people view your ad or your posts but no one reacts to it, comments on it, or retweets it, then your marketing campaign is not working as well as you think.Brian Carter, the author of Like Economy, says “you can not get anyone to do anything if they are not paying attention to you”. In other words, if no one is engaging with your posts, then no one is buying goods from you. A good marketing campaign creates massive engagement along with other things. To drive engagement, use polls, schedule your posts for posting at optimal times, use infographics, images, and interesting videos.
  4. Use the right hashtags: Hashtags are a very important fabric of today’s social media strategies. “As a social media strategist, myself, I have found out that using the right hashtags can drive your business to greater heights. Hashtags help your followers keep track of your campaigns, discounts, and stories. Put out hashtags for every campaign you create and promote them relentlessly”, Social Media Strategist Jason Falls explains more on how to use hashtags here
  5. Jump on Trends: As people jump on trends on Twitter, this can be a perfect way for you to promote your business and always keep an eye on trending discussions and moments. This can be done by making videos, tweeting about trending events, or promoting a similar product to what is trending. An example is if “cats” are trending, and you run a t-shirt business, you can quickly design and start selling t-shirts related to cats and trending cat hashtags. Be careful though, jump on trends that are related to your brand.
  6. Create Value: A way to engage your clients further is to make sure all your tweets are loaded with hard-to-ignore value. Share educational and valuable content to your timeline and watch people flock to it. This can be an infographic, or an educational thread with a link back to your brand’s blog as it has been proved that tweets with links are much more likely to be retweeted than others.
  7. Tweet regularly:  If possible, it is recommended to post at least 2 times a day because some people believe, the more you post, the more followers you get.

A most often overlooked way to grow followership, drive sales is by using sponsored ads. You could set up a well thought out ad in less than an hour.

Don’t believe it? Here’s how:

  1. Head over to
  2. Choose either Promote mode or Twitter ads. Promoted tweets will help you target specific users but Twitter ads will reach a broader audience. I will advise selecting Twitter Ads.
  3. Now select the objective of your ad: As a brand or business, choose either Tweet engagements, website clicks, and conversions, or awareness if you’re launching a new product.
  4. Then fill in the details of your ad, this might include links to your website, ad content, daily budget, etc.
  5. Create an Ad group: Say, you want to run 2 ads at different periods and targeting different groups of people, then create an ad group for each ad and audience.
  6. Select the target audience:  You have to select the target audience for your ad using factors such as gender, age, device, keywords, location, interests, and events. Ideally, you have to think hard and identify the people more likely to be interested in your business and then target them specifically.
  7. Select Creatives: Don’t let the name scare you, creatives simply refer to the tweets you’re promoting. Make sure they are grammatically correct, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand. If possible, hire a copywriter to prepare a great pitch for you.

And that’s all! Launching an ad campaign has never been easier on Twitter. Set up your business for success today by following the tips in this article and you’ll be glad you did!