How to pick the right accessories for your wedding dress

There are no trifles in creating a wedding look. A designer can think over an outfit to the smallest rhinestone and stitch, but only the girl creates the final image when she decides how and with what to wear and match wedding dresses.

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maya_7966 (CC0), Pixabay

Not every bride has a personal stylist or family jewels that will take away the agony of choice. Most likely, you will have to rely on your taste: even the consultants in the salon cannot impose their vision. The client is always right! But so that this rightness does not cause ridicule from the guests later, it is better to consciously approach the choice of accessories.

And although accessories are just an addition to the outfit, they are the ones that complete the image. How to create a harmonious image with the help of veils, jewelry, and other interesting attributes, we will tell you today in our article.

Choose the right metal color

It doesn’t matter if you plan to complement your wedding dress with jewelry made of precious metals or costume jewelry – in either case, the color of the metal will be the decisive factor when choosing. In this case, the main reference point will be, firstly, the wedding ring – the color of other jewelry should be harmoniously adjusted to it. The second important factor is the color of the dress.

Remember four important rules:

  1. Gold jewelry and, in general, any yellow metals are better suited to a dress of ivory or nude shades.
  2. Silver, platinum, and pearls are suitable for a snow-white wedding dress, but diamonds and medium-sized crystals against their background can be “lost”.
  3. If the dress has a beaded finish, then match it with jewelry based on any silver metal.
  4. Yellow and pink gold, silver, and pearls look good with dresses in pastel colors.


To choose the right earrings for a wedding dress, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. Starting from the color type of the bride’s skin and ending with the style of the outfit that she plans to wear on the main day of her life.

  • Carnations are the best choice for a laconic design outfit. If a girl gravitates towards the Empire style, boho, or another similar style, then she needs the earrings as laconic as possible. Carnations will accentuate the bride’s youth and become a natural continuation of her image.
  • Size matters. Looking for large earrings for a wedding? Are you sure they are right for you? If not, let’s try to make sure of this. Let’s start with two parameters: complexion and age. Large beauties are suitable for large earrings under any circumstances: they emphasize the bow and do not dominate it. Unlike fragile and skinny girls who seem to be about to break under the weight of a chandelier. With age, it is about the same: the younger the bride, the lower the likelihood that large earrings will be the perfect choice for a wedding bow. There is only one exception in this story: if the wedding is organized in a rustic style and if the bride’s toilet is fully consistent with the style of the holiday, feel free to choose larger items. In this case, the chandeliers are justified.
  • A lot does not mean right. The bride is a creature of a subtle mental organization. There is no need to weigh down her look with a precious set of three or even four accessories. One or two decorations will be enough. After all, these are still touches, accents, and not the main elements of the bow.
  • Do not combine incongruous. An important rule, by the way. Because it is not uncommon for brides to see, say, white gold earrings, which perfectly emphasize the whiteness of the wedding, and a bright yellow wedding ring. Avoid dissonance. Make sure the accessories match.
  • Pearls have to be matched. And this does not always work out. In general, pearl earrings are considered a kind of wedding classic. But you should know: pearls are not a panacea. Too large inserts make the image heavy and adult. Therefore, for brides of any age who are not getting married for the first time, large pearl peas are ideal. But for young girls who believe that they have fallen in love once and for all, it is better to try on delicate tiny balls.
  • Prioritize. In the first place – you, remember this. On the second, there is a wedding ring, the main wedding accessory. Everything else in the wedding hierarchy is significantly lower. When choosing beautiful long earrings for a wedding, make sure that they complement, not overshadow. If you have even for a moment the feeling that the opposite is true, look further: this pair of jewelry is not yours.

Hair Jewelry

Hair accessories deserve a separate discussion. For a wedding look, you can find both stylish jewelry and unique gold jewelry. Such accessories include both more practical elements (for example, hairpins and invisible hairpins that help to preserve the hairstyle), and exclusively decorative details (tiers, combs, etc.). It is best to choose such products only after you have completely decided on the rest of the accessories and outfits.

Do not forget about the principle of moderation: if you plan to wear a veil, then a lot of hair jewelry will be superfluous. If there is no veil and you plan to style your hair in a bun, then choose hairpins decorated with crystals or pearls. You can also use a pearl thread as a decoration – such an accessory will look sophisticated and stylish.

For hairstyles with loose curls, various decorative flowers and hairpins are perfect. If the hair is short, then you can complement the image with a stylish diadem. A comb or tiara will complement a hairstyle with large curls.

It is best to choose an accessory based on the shape of your face. For example, for girls with an oval face, hair jewelry in the form of a hoop is suitable. For a round face, you can choose unusual hairpins or a hairpin. A diadem or tiara is the best fit for a square shape.


Of course, the bracelet is not a traditional wedding accessory, but it can harmoniously fit into the image if the bride chooses a sleeveless dress. Of course, hand jewelry should be in harmony with other details of the image. The bracelet can be narrow or wide, rigid or with movable elements. On the right hand, you can put on a wide bracelet that goes into a ring worn on the middle finger.

Wide bracelets decorated with shining crystals are beautiful. But when choosing this jewelry, you must pay attention to its quality. The crystals should be well fixed on the base, not scratching the skin or clinging to clothing. Bulky pearl bracelets also look great. Such an ornament can be worn both on a bare hand and on a glove.


The shape of the neckline is the most important criterion when choosing wedding jewelry. Be especially careful when choosing jewelry for a dress with a V-neck. Necklaces with pendants (repeating the shape of the neckline) or small drop pendants are suitable for them. A thin pearl thread is also suitable for a V-neck. A small, neat necklace is suitable for a dress with bare shoulders.

The strapless corset dress removes any restrictions, choose according to your taste.

For a heart-shaped neckline, choose a necklace with a long pendant, but so that it does not sink right into the neckline. The depth of the necklace is determined by taking into account the length and thickness of the neck – it should lengthen it, not shorten it. The barer the shoulders and arms, the larger you can choose the stone.

If the dress has a “stand-up” neckline, then jewelry on the neck is not at all appropriate.