How to Rock a Ring to Change Your Destiny and Traits


The tradition to put a ring on a certain finger carries a specific meaning. Our ancestors believed that rings possess some magical quality. Therefore, it could tell a lot about its owner. If you seriously approach the choice of the ring and the way you’re going to wear it on your hand, you can bring new features to your character, improve your health, and make your life happier.

It is believed that a ring on the right hand of the right-hander indicates his or her current status or state. A ring on the left-hand shows what status they want to achieve. When it comes to left-handed people, it is a bit more complicated to make conclusions since rings expressing the state of things regarding a leftie can be worn on both hands.

Which finger to wear a ring on?

Before you buy a ring to flaunt on a specific finger, you must carefully select its size. To find it out, you just need to measure the circumference of your finger and look up to which size it corresponds in a ring size chart. A perfectly fitting ring is critical. If it is too loose, it won’t have any effect on your fate or temper. If it is too tight, it might dominate over you and even suppress the personal qualities you value.


A ring on the thumb will resonate with active emotional people who have a huge supply of energy. According to palmists and astrologers, the thumb corresponds to Mars. People whom Mars patronizes are generally masculine but might be inclined to aggression and irascibility. However, a ring on the Mars digit will restrain their temperament.

Also, a discreet band around the thumb will help pacify aggression and make relationships more harmonious. Those who have rings on this digit are often stubborn. The ancient Greeks and Romans reckoned that jewelry adorning the pollex safeguards their virility and improves men’s power. Psychologists say that such people try to assert themselves by any means, and above all, sexually.

Index Finger

Shy and indecisive people should wear a ring on the index finger. This finger, from the astrology and palmistry standpoint, personifies the energy of Jupiter. The ring on the index finger will increase the owner’s self-esteem, make him more confident and attractive in the eyes of society. In addition, people who wear a ring on this finger say that it brings success and good fortune. Persons rocking their jewelry in such a way will be able to gain faith in their strength, become more discerning, and expand their social circle.

Middle Finger

People who lack luck or experience too many obstacles on the way to achieve their goals should wear a ring on the middle finger. This is the finger of Saturn. Jewelry for the Saturn finger helps cope with hardship as well as gives strength to withstand and overcome adversities.

This digit is perfect for family heirloom if you want to emphasize the connection with the ancestors. A generic ring inherited and worn on the middle finger has tremendous spiritual strength. It can “tame” the negative influence and liberate thinking. A ring on this digit is also beneficial for those who practice meditation and self-contemplation.

Ring Finger

The ring finger is a conductor of Sun energy. It is responsible for love, family interactions, success, and self-realization. Jewelry worn on this finger (except for engagement rings) emphasizes a person’s passion for beauty, luxury, and grace. It gives away aesthetes and pleasure lovers seeking wealth and fame.

Along with that, wearing a ring (especially a gold one) on the Sun finger speaks of romanticism and sensuality. Gold, being the metal of the Sun, is best suited to foster love in marriage. That is why a gold wedding ring preserves marital relations. Anyone who wants to find his or her significant other should put a ring on the third finger of their left hand. Thereby, you can show others that you are open to new romantic adventures.


The finger of Mercury, the little finger, personifies a sophisticated mind, cunning, and passion for intrigues. A ring on the pinky will best suit people who lack eloquence, the flexibility of mind, and sleight of hand. A ring on this finger helps find a common language with any person and establish business contacts.

According to astrologers and palmists, enhancing Mercury’s finger with jewelry will patronize doctors, businessmen, diplomats, and politicians. At the same time, psychologists are sure that people who flaunt jewelry on the pinky are often deceitful, resourceful, and prone to betrayal. Gambling enthusiasts and womanizers oftentimes choose the little finger for their jewelry.

Choose rings according to your personal traits and of your own free will. Remember that with the right jewelry you can bring harmony to your life, develop natural abilities, and attract luck.

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