How to Start a Personal Statement: The Best but the Easiest Writing Tips for Students

If you are applying to a college or university and want to become a part of a scholarship program, your task is to write a stellar personal statement. You may answer what is it. A personal statement is one of the paper types, an essay that explains why you are the best applicant and the most appropriate fit for a particular program.

In this paper, you should describe literally who you are, what strengths you have, and write what could distinguish you from other candidates (it is said about your talents, special motivation, and so on). All in all, a personal statement is like a covering letter which you send to the employer to persuade him or her to hire you specifically.

Buy Personal Statement Online: Why Do Students so Often Ask for Professional Advice?

As you must have understood, a personal statement is a thing that you could say “decides your fate”. Your chances to get a scholarship directly depend on the quality and readability of your personal statement. That must be the main reason why most students choose to buy personal statement online rather than writing it on their own., one of the top trusted and highly recommended essay writing services, gives strong reasons for why it is so common among students to order and buy personal statements online.

  • To start a personal statement you need to be not only competent in the major of the program you are applying to, but you should also be creative enough too.

It means that the very knowledge is not always sufficient. You should generate a lot of interesting ideas while writing. You should make your personal statement as unique and original as possible. Simple well-known cliches will never be enough to make a good impression on the university commission.

That’s why, according to professional writers working on, students very often fail to write a fascinating essay and get a scholarship without extra help from a skilled writer.

  • Writing a personal statement is not about general essay writing rules and guides.

Most students get accustomed to the general rules of writing essays while studying in schools and colleges. However, a personal statement is not about templates. It is quite a paper that is both time-consuming and sophisticated like a dissertation, even although its volume (of a personal statement) is much smaller.

All the above-mentioned information means that a lot of writing skills are required to write such essays qualitatively. Not every student, who used to write A+ essays in college, will handle such at first glance a small and simple writing assignment as a personal statement.

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How to Write a Fascinating Personal Statement: The Best Ways Using What You Will Succeed

To write an interesting to read personal statement it is necessary to take a lot of things into account.

  • Do not write quotes and cliches.

For universities, it is not interesting to read something well known. So, do not start your personal statement with writing citations of famous people (scientists, economists, philosophers, and so on). Furthermore, if you want to fascinate professors of the university, write something special, unique, and original.

It is not the best idea to write something like “I always wanted to become a lawyer” if you are applying to the Judicial Academy, for example. Why? Because it is a common phrase for most applicants. The university commission wants to see in your essay something more than the mere desire. And it should be of the greatest importance for those students who are truly aimed at getting a scholarship.

  • Give answers to all questions you arise in the paper.

This advice is a follow-up to the previous point. It implies that if you say something, give a precise definition to that. For example, if you say that you are the best applicant for the position, always write a few sentences why. Mention the skills and knowledge you have. Write why it is interesting for you to learn this subject. Some life experience and short life situations that are relevant to the topic would be helpful as well.

  • Link every sentence you write to the chosen major.

Do not write something with the only purpose of filling the spaces. The average volume of an American personal statement is about 4000 characters. So, it is not so much to write about everything but nothing. Make all your sentences concise. Every word and phrase you write should be coherent with the main message.

  • Write a stellar ending that will show how much you are interested in learning the chosen subject.

The ending is a part when you should completely persuade the university to grant you a scholarship. Sum everything up and make a light but very thorough conclusion. Do not write a lot, but be concise in every statement!

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