What 2021’s New Online Casino Sites Should Do Differently

The online and betting industry continues to grow steadily even amid the pandemic that has threatened many businesses. The year is coming to a close, and gamers are already anticipating a more exciting gaming environment come next year.

ToNic-Pics (CC0), Pixabay

Next year is shaping to be an exceptional year for the iGaming industry. The world of internet gaming and betting hoses thousands of iGaming sites and tens of game developers and it is expected that it will welcome many more in 2021.

Upcoming Casinos

Casinos that will launch in 2021 will be refined and looking to seal the loopholes that may make iGaming unpleasing to some people. Issues like lack of mobile apps for different mobile versions and limited live games will be addressed by new casinos next year.

Gamers can find all the best new casinos here. That said, here are some of the things that new casinos should do differently to gain a competitive advantage over existing brands in 2021 and beyond.

Friendlier Bonus Terms

Online casinos have lots of bonuses. Players get excited at the mention of these offers since they somehow boost their casino balance. Despite these, not many get to have fun with the bonuses as is intended due to unreasonable terms and conditions.

Many come with very high wagering terms that require players to stake a lot of money to meet them. Come 2021, casinos need to be more considerate when deciding their playthrough requirements.

They should consider lowering them, or better still offer regular no wager requirement bonuses. This is essential to gamers forced to forego some of the bonuses or promotions to avoid these requirements.

Mobile compatibility

We are living at a time when millions are getting various things done over the internet using their phones. The same is the case in online casinos. Gamers are now placing bets on favourite casino games and sports on their mobile.

The industry has put a lot of effort into making mobile gaming as smooth as possible.  In 2021, casinos need to ensure players using phones powered by operating systems like Windows, Web OS and BlackBerry can comfortably enjoy mobile gaming.

Currently, only iOS and Android users get the privilege of a seamless gaming experience. Most casinos are user-friendly enough and users have no challenges accessing their services. They are, however, not optimized for different screens. New casinos should address this next year.

Social Gaming

The last thing players hope to see in online casinos in 2021 is more social gaming. To put this into perspective, imagine you want to play a casino game or wager on a sport with your friends. The only probable way you can do this is by going to a land-based casino.

Well, this should change come 2021. Casinos need to add social gaming features that will enable players to play alongside other players, regardless of their location. Still on this, 2021 casinos should improve on the current situation regarding interactive gaming.

The casinos need to introduce more interactive games since gamers are craving such gaming sessions. Also, gamers will be looking to see more live dealer games than what is already available.  Casinos have limited options for these, and it frustrating to fans of live games.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Let’s face it. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are now mainstream elements of popular culture. More people are shifting to cryptos as their preferred mode of payment particularly for transactions carried over the internet.

The iGaming sector has adopted the use of cryptos, as you can find them in quite a number. However, compared to other payment methods, like Debit or Credit cards or even eWaletts like Skrill and PayPal, their use is still limited

Since players are showing interest in crypto payments, new casinos in 2021 should consider including them on the list of payment methods. Adoption of payments through cryptocurrencies will lead to better security and increased privacy.

Crypto payments don’t require players’ details, making them an ideal option for those seeking to carry out anonymous transactions. Notable cryptos that new casinos can opt for are Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple XRP and BitCash.

Sports Betting

Online sports betting is an enjoyable venture, that, besides attracting millions of fans, it generates billions in revenue. It’s a booming business, no doubt about that. The problem is, not many casinos allow both sports and casino gaming under the same roof.

For this reason, fans of both are forced to register at multiple sites. New casinos can make this situation better by having a sportsbook and casino section in one place. By this, they will save bettors the hassle of having to move from one site to another for their different gaming needs.

Also, by doing so, they will increase the number of fans, and with that more profits to the industry. It is an unexploited market that new casinos can venture into to increase their market base. They will need something different for a successful entry into the industry.

More Esports

The accelerated technology growth has changed the way people conceive and relate to the different things in the world. On this point, electronic sports (Esports) are becoming a social phenomenon that many people are seeking to experience.

Websites that will come up in 2021 could offer more esports since current casinos have limited options. Even so, not many of them have these types of games despite knowing too well that they have a broad fan base.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is gradually becoming a reality in online casinos. It is significantly progressing and with time it may change the face of the gaming sector for the better. Although VR has not proliferated yet, it’s projected that in 2021, new casinos will embrace its use.

New casinos, in particular, need to ensure they provide VR-enabled gaming. VR gaming delivers an experience that makes players feel as though they are in a real casino. All players will need are their VR devices and they can enjoy casino games like never before.

Adopting VR-based gaming will improve the interactivity of online gaming and also provide players with an immersive adventure. VR gaming will, most likely, increase traffic to new casinos, helping them realize greater profits.