How Will a DUI Conviction Impact the Rest of Your Life?

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, now is the time to hire a lawyer. Things are bad now, but they will only be worse if you end up being convicted. The effects of that type of event can linger much longer than whatever fine, classes, and time behind bars that you end up serving. Here are some of the ways that DUI charges which become convictions will change your life for a long time.

spoba (CC0), Pixabay

You Can Depend on Your Driving Privileges Disappearing for a Time

Expect your driving privileges to be suspended for a time. It may be months or it could be a year or longer. A lot depends on what circumstances surrounded the arrest if you have a prior record, and how well you comply with the court’s directives. In the meantime, you will have to find other ways to get around town, including how you will get to and from work.

Auto Insurance is Likely to be More Expensive

If you’re fortunate to eventually regain your driving privileges, there’s the matter of auto insurance to consider. A conviction of this nature doesn’t exactly inspire confidence among insurance providers. You may find that your insurance company decides that the risk of extending a policy to you isn’t worth it. Should that happen, you will be looking for another provider.

The good news is that you’ll likely find one willing to provide you with auto insurance. What won’t be quite so good is the premium you will have to pay. Expect your insurance rates to be well above the norm for a long time. Depending on what they were before the DUI conviction, you may end up paying as much as double for high-risk auto coverage.

Your Job Prospects Will Change

You may be surprised to learn that a DUI affects your job in a number of ways. It’s true that your employer may choose to keep a position available to you. What is likely to change is that some positions that you once qualified for will forever be out of your grasp. That’s because security and other types of clearances may not be possible owing to what shows up on a background check.

If you look for work elsewhere, it’s possible that there will be another job out there. Don’t be surprised if you’re passed over in favor of someone with similar experience and skills, but without a criminal record. Simply put, the possibility of advancing in your chosen career is likely to be limited at best.

So Will Your Chances for Loans and Mortgages

Did you know that your credit can also be adversely affected? When you choose to seek a loan of any type, including a mortgage, you may be turned away. That’s due to the information available about the arrest and subsequent conviction. It will be a long time before that type of event ceases to have an impact on your credit.

The bottom line is that the best approach is to never put yourself in the position of being arrested and convicted. If it’s too late to avoid the arrest part, call a criminal defense practice at once. In the best-case scenario, the lawyer can find a way to get the charges dropped and there’s a real shot of putting the entire episode behind you.