Kids Feel Hurt After Trying Kinds Of Interest Training Class


In the recent era, few parents do not sign up interest training classes for their children. Around me are various interest classes, like English, dance, painting, piano, taekwondo, swimming, chess… I, admit of no exception, also sign up a lot of interest classes for my daughter Dory.

Considering it quite important for a girl to cultivate good personal temperament, I signed up ballet class for her; Art is of high competitiveness in future, so the cultivation of aesthetics cannot be neglected; I heard that robot programming will replace Olympiad mathematics, so Lego robots class is a necessity…

But Dory got 5 years old and has gone to the upper class of kindergarten. I found it a bit of hardship to have out-of-school classes in this way.

Mum suffers a lot

After entering the upper class, the curriculum arrangement in Kindergarten is obviously more intensive than before. Mathematics teachers began to assign homework. National language class and foreign language class also increased learning difficulty. And, each week, Dory needs to prepare a short period of English-language radio.

All those things need time to complete.

Every day after work, I rushed to Dory’s kindergarten without stopping, picked up the baby girl, and then rushed to the interest class. When the baby was having class, I was waiting outside, tapping keyboards with my laptop under my legs. Finishing her class, we drove home, suffering a long traffic jam. Reaching home, tired, and relax? No! Accompanying with Dory to finish the homework, and review the knowledge content learned in class. Each day we do like that, and I began anxiously.

It feels like my whole person is just like a machine with spiral springs wound up tightly, rotating around the child every second. So tired.

It hurt the child

It’s all right for adults to suffer. As long as it is good for my kid, it’s worth it. But later, an experiment class changed my thoughts.

One day, I sent Dory to the robot class and found that her two peers of the same study group were particularly excellent. From molding to programming, they performed far smoothly than Dory.

Dory couldn’t keep up with her partner’s pace, and most of the time, she could only stare at them without engaging in. It was a big blow to her confidence. At the end of the class, I saw her depressed, almost at the edge of giving up the lesson.

Her peers started learning the robot academy at the same time as Dory, but how could there be so much gap between them and my daughter? After chatting with their parents, I realized that their mums made practice on it together with the kids at home. If their children could not do well, they would record the difficulties and offered instructions. They help kids review according to study weakness.

In comparison, there was little effort that Dory and I made after class! It is not Dory that should be blamed. Having so many kinds of interest classes in a limited time, Dory can’t do everything well. As for me, my energy was also distracted by all kinds of things, and I cannot guide her in all aspects. Dory contacted various kinds of interest class, but she did not excellently learn any one of them.

I started to worry that this learning mold would eventually make Dory lose interest and self-confidence. It may hurt her heart.

Reflection and new decision

I made a reflection on our past frustrating experience and decided to subtract interest training classes for Dory. It is not the more interest classes you have, the more fruits you will get. Not concentrating on the specific interests but on all walks of hobbies, you would only burden yourself with no one hobby get well trained. So, I decided to subtract classes for Dory.

Cut classes

How to decide which one to be given up and which one to be reserved? My child seems to be a little bit interested in every class, and there is no particular preference for any of the class programs. Besides, what Dory is not good at today maybe attract her very much in the future. I believe many moms have once met such situations. It is difficult to decide what to cut …

However, the child’s time is limited, and our own energy is also limited. Neither let this go nor do you let that go, you would only feel tired and entangled! The only effective way is to focus on the present moment since no one knows what your kid will be good at in the future. Instead of worrying about the uncertain things in the future, it is better to do well the present thing. I selected those interest classes that Dory has studies for more than one year. No matter what kind of interest class, you need to stick to it at least for one year before deciding whether to give it up.

Do more after subtracting classes

After cutting off a few training projects, you will have to increase the investment in the retaining ones. In general, subtraction means focusing your energy and time on fewer programs.

Even though Dory has fewer interest classes, the energy and time we put in the fewer programs have increased. The changes are that instead of grabbing all programs in a hurry as before, we concentrated on fewer items, with more attention.

Dory happy with her achievements

Dory’s performance in the interest classes progressed a lot. She performed much better in the retention programs than before.

For example, a creative arts class. Now, every time when Dory finishes class, I would go for the teacher to communicate with her, understand the progress of the course and Dory’s performance in the class, and listen to the teacher’s views. After returning home, I would accompany Dory to do after-class exercises based on the feedback provided by the teacher.

Each time, I encourage her to tell a story overlaying the painting, and then guide her to design some small detailed painting and small “plot” to express the intricate and fragile storyline, so that her creative thinking and imagination is fully utilized.

Usually, as long as there are painting exhibitions and design exhibitions, I try to bring her here, offering her an immersive environment of learning.

These efforts are eventually reflected in the kid’s performance. I was so appreciative.

Dory’s enthusiasm in the interest training class gets higher. Too many training programs she engaged in before, she was not outstanding in any one of them, even lagging. Her confidence was actually hit and the negative emotions to training classes were very strong.

Now, she has enough time and energy to practice more, hence improving quickly. Her confidence has returned and enthusiasm for learning has also gone up. Every week she urges me to send her to class in time, for fear of missing out any minutes.

Recently, a painting drew by Dory was selected out for showing in the ISTART Children’s Art Festival. She was very very happy for it! She has been studying this interest class program for several years, and it is my first time seeing her that happy. The achievement makes her brilliant!

Conclusion: Reviews on my experience

Seeing here, I wonder if you all moms have some new ideas about the choice of interest classes? While constantly registering for new classes, we forgot that it is hard for children to accept them all. The child cannot successfully acquire new knowledge in each class. In many cases, they are just passively accepting their parents’ arrangements one after another.

You want to provide more good resources for your children, while please be aware that doing subtraction is another kind of help for children. Focusing, attentive, serious, and practicing are things really worthwhile! Do subtraction. it is not a loss but gain.

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