Sports That Rule the World


In the world of sport, some have a popularity that is simply unmatched by all the others. Big worldwide events can catch the attention of the world and are prime opportunities for fans from all over to come together and enjoy a drink while the game, race, or match gets underway. In addition to this, fans love making a lucky 15 bet today. But what sports truly are the most beloved? And why are they so popular? No need to wonder for much longer, as here are the sports that rule the world.

Horse Racing

Arguably horse racing does not have the target fan base in sports, but its popularity is still to be reckoned with as for centuries the sport has held show-stopping events year in, year out that generate crowds of thousands and catch the attention of hundreds of millions of people from around the world.

Horse racing has maintained its reputation of being classy and somewhat of a sport for the upper-class, although this is not true in the respect that the races are open to any and all, but events still ensure that the events pageantry stay intact, as it is a very alluring aspect of the sport, adding to its one of a kind experience.

Horse racing would not be the same without its fair share of betting involved, each race is made even more thrilling and exciting when spectators or viewers can get in on the action by placing a bet on their favorite and waiting in anticipation to see if your horse has not only won but sitting on the edge fo your seat waiting to discover if you are going home with some more money in your pockets.


Along with football itself being the most popular in the world, its players are some of the most famous and well-known athletes on the planet, with many being household names to those who may not even have an interest in the sport. Players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are not only a well know football player but two of the most famous athletes in the world.

The sport’s popularity comes hand in hand with the betting industry as it has become extremely lucrative in more recent years, predominantly thanks to football. Football is responsible for an estimated 50% of betting revenue generated during each year due to eager fans wanting to get involved in the excitement and betting enthusiasts trying their luck for payout. Either way, betting has always had a prominent spot in all of sports and football is not different, it makes the sport even more popular.

Not forgetting the tournaments the sport provides, with the FIFA World Cup being beloved by millions and drawing in huge crowds all over the world as well as the UEFA Champions League. Football is full of events and competitions to full the sporting calendar, but many will say that that the Champions League is by far the best and that is primarily due to the fact that Europe has become the most powerful continent where football is concerned.

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