Legends and Myths Popular Slots Are Themed Around

We, humans, have always been fascinated with ancient legends and myths. Our folklore, books and even the movie industry are filled with mythological creatures and beings who have powers. This craze has found its way into the gaming industry, too. Today, let us take a look at the most popular legends and myths popular slot machines are themed around.

Greek Mythology

If you are using an online casino app, you will realize that there are many slot games that use characters from Greek mythology. The Greeks have a very rich story about gods, goddesses and humanity. If you really want to learn about it, you have to read the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Here are some of the most popular Greek gods and goddesses depicted in modern slots:

God Powers Themed Slots
Athena The goddess of reason and war; she is also the goddess of war and the daughter of Zeus. The Golden Owl of Athena, Destiny of Athena
Ares The god of bloodlust; he represents human beings’ anger. Ares, Wrath of Ares, Ares: The Battle for Troy
Apollo He is the son of Zeus, and he is the Sun God. Apollo slot
Hades The god of the underworld; he is also the ruler of the dead. Hades Gigablox, Hot as Hades, Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades
Aphrodite The goddess of love, sex and beauty; she is the daughter of Uranus. Mighty Aphrodite, Triumph of Aphrodite

Of course, there is Zeus. He is the god of the sky, lighting, and thunder. He is the ruler of all the gods in Olympus. Zeus is the supreme god of all gods, as he was the leader of the revolt against the titans. That’s why there are many online slots featuring Zeus as the main character, and some of them are Hercules Son of Zeus™, Thunder Zeus, etc.


Vampire lore has been around since the beginning of time. However, the world saw a resurgence in the 18th century when people were supposedly suffering from mass hysteria.

The vampire that we know of today is based on a novel called Dracula written by Bram Stoker in 1897. This vampire was loosely based on a real person called Vlad the Impaler. Also known as Vlad III or Vlad Tepes, he was a ruthless ruler of Wallachia in Romania. The story tells us that he impaled his enemies on a stick. As the son of Dracul, he ruled Wallachia in 1436. This is how we can trace the name Dracula. The word Dracul means “the dragon.” Dracula means the “son of the Dragon.” Today, the word Dracul is associated with “devil.”

Vampires have evolved over time. Today, they are depicted as beautiful men and women who have the power of speed, agility, and self-healing. In online slots, they can even bring you many rewards in the form of free spins or cash prizes as these characters usually serve as Wild for Scatter symbols. To give it a clue of how it works, play any of these slot machines:  Vampire Night, Immortal Romance, Blood Suckers, Blood Queen, Dark Thirst, Dracula’s Family, etc.


Werewolf, on the other hand, is a cursed human who turns into a wolf during the full moon. As a carnivore, the werewolf seeks human flesh to eat and sustain itself. In modern times, a werewolf is often depicted as someone who had contracted a virus that makes the victim able to transform itself into a wolf and then take the form of a human again.

Werewolves have the power to heal themselves. Like vampires, werewolves are immortal. They have excellent night vision and heightened senses. With superhuman strength and speed, there is no other creature that can match them except the vampires.

In modern folklore, werewolves and vampires are often depicted as enemies. Also, traditional stories say that a silver bullet is one of the two things that could kill a wolf. The other one is a stake in the heart-the same thing that could kill a vampire. You can find these characters in many slots online. Some of them being Curse of the Werewolf Megaways slot, Wild Werewolf, Wolf Hunters, Hell’Sing, Magic Hunter, etc.

Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology is one of the oldest in the world, spanning more than 4,000 years ago. A good example of a slot that does justice to this is the Eye of Horus.

Here are some of the most popular Egyptian gods used to create the ancient Egypt ambiance in online slots:

  • Bastet – a goddess who takes the form of a cat; she is the divine hunter and goddess of the moon.
  • Set – also called Seth, he is the god of violence and chaos. He killed Osiris, so he can rule the Egyptian empire.
  • Isis – the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus; she is the Greek equivalent of Aphrodite.
  • Osiris – the god of the underworld; the representation of death and resurrection.

In Egyptian mythology, the world was created by gods who had the same features as human beings. However, some of them could take the form of an animal. Horus, for one, has the head of a falcon. There are actually dozens of Egypt-themed slots, and some of them are Cleopatra, Valley of the Gods, Crown of Egypt, Mega Moolah Isis, Gods of Giza, etc.

Slot machines are games, and although they work similarly, they all reflect different cultures, traditions and myths. The great thing about developers is that they never cease to run out of ideas about how to make these slot machines interesting. There is no limit to creativity, and we can rest assured that there will be new storylines that we can follow and preserve ancient myths for future generations, in such a unique way – through modern video slots.