Protecting Yourself During the Pandemic: Essentials That You Need

Life has changed a lot in the last several months. As the scientific community and medical experts seek to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, taking precautions has become a fact of life. What can you do to protect yourself in the interim? Along with practicing social distancing, these supplies will make a difference.

Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning the hands often is a must. Even if you’ve gotten better at not touching your face after touching an object, you still need to use hand sanitizer. The most effective way to go is to invest in a quality line of hand sanitizers – Germs Be Gone or something similar. The goal is to get something that will clean the hands thoroughly while also being kind to the skin. That will help reduce the risk of dryness or other irritation.

Keep hand sanitizer with you even when you leave the house. That makes it easier to clean your hands once you get back in the car after making a trip to the pharmacy or the supermarket. Don’t forget to keep some at home too. Use it after handling inbound mail or bringing in the food delivery that just showed up on the porch.


The primary purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent you from potentially infecting others. While there is minimal protection for you involved, the primary goal is to assume that you could be asymptomatic and pass the virus on to someone with a compromised immune system.

What sort of mask should you wear? Ideally, it’s one that would contain any droplets that would emerge from your mouth or nose while talking, singing, or sneezing. One way to go is to invest in premium medical face masks that are known to contain other types of viruses. Masks of this type are designed to allow you to breathe with relative ease while also reducing any risk that you might present to those around you.

Disposable Gloves

Your arsenal should also include a supply of disposable gloves. These are helpful in terms of limited direct contact with objects where the virus could be active. Remember to keep the gloves on hand when you need to make any type of shopping trip. They’re also helpful if you’re going to handle items that you plan on dropping off at someone’s home.

Antibacterial Soap

Along with washing your hands, it’s a good idea to take a shower after making a trip to any type of retail establishment. Make sure the soap you use is antibacterial. Doing so increases the odds of killing any traces of the virus that may be clinging to your skin. If the soap has a pleasant scent, that makes the shower all the more pleasant. Make sure to use something with moisturizers included so that your skin is less likely to dry out.

Protecting yourself and others during this time is one of the most responsible and compassionate things that you could do. Make sure you have the resources to do so and it will be a lot easier to get through the months ahead.