Top REI Coupons & Promo Codes


Does REI have any working coupons available today? Well, the good news is that the site has a total of 253 coupons currently available. This is a plus on your side since you have a lot to choose from. But, are they all worth your effort? This is the reason why we’ve taken time to analyze all the options available and come up with a few that we think will create a massive difference during your shopping. Find the coupons below and use them over and again while shopping. You will be surprised at how they favor you when paying for the goods. It is not too late to start using them now in case you’ve not been using the coupon.

REI Coupons

50% off women shorts

The Kuhl women shorts are on offer. The coupon available allows you to redeem a discount of up to 50% off. The promotion is now active and thus no need for a promo code. To access it directly, use the link. Note that this is a clearance sale and thus the offer is active while stocks last. Get your shorts today and feel the quality at affordable rates.

65% off on backpack

Your outdoor adventure needs a backpack, and this is why REI has an offer for you. The available coupon gives you up to 65% off when you make a purchase. This is also a clearance sale so make a point of securing your backpack and enjoy your outdoor fun. The offer is available until the stock ends. Hurry and grab your backpack. The link is this for easy access. Luckily, the deal is already activated and applies automatically upon payment.

Up to 30% off select past-season Arc’teryx clothing

The past-season wear is now available. Get the best clothing from REI and save with the available discounts. The promotion is currently active and requires no promo code. Proceed to the official site and get your deal. The coupon applies during payment and thus easy and time saving to use. It might expire soon, so grab it and save more today.

Up to 50% off select Marmot

Another activated sale is the 50% Off Select Marmot. This offer is available so that you can buy a quality item at the most affordable rate on the market. Simply put, you buy it at half the price. You don’t need promo code for this offer as it applies directly to the checkout. So when you pay, ensure you get the deal applied to save. It will also expire anytime since the stock is running out.

Up to 70% off REI outlet deals

Here is a new offer at REI that gives you up to 70% off on your outlet deals. The coupon is already activated, and once you visit the site, your items are already discounted. The coupon doesn’t require a code for activation but permits direct use. Grab it now and celebrate the much you save on each deal. It is available for July so grab your offer now before it expires.

10% Annual refund with a $20 Lifetime Membership

Your coupon is the 10% annual refund on all your shopping patterns throughout the year. This happens when you become a lifetime member with a $20. The coupon is already activated, and once you enroll, it works instantly, and you will benefit at the end of every year for your loyalty to the store. Proceed to the site and apply today for the life membership. It is a continuous process, so apply any day and start your membership plan.

Free $20 Bonus Card with $50 order and Lifetime REI membership

REI CouponsPurchase your items today at REI and meet the $50 order requirement. This will get you a free $20 bonus card so that you can enjoy shopping as a lifetime member of the store. This promotion is now active and doesn’t require a promo code. Proceed to the site and apply for this deal through your purchase. It might expire soon when the limit is met. Be among the beneficiaries of this plan before it closes.

Free U.S. standard shipping on $50+ order

Your order above $50 has a coupon to redeem for free shipping. The promotion is valid for US standard shipping. Therefore, proceed to the checkout and confirm if your order meets the requirements, then get it right away. This coupon is available for use through July. Make sure you are among the users and get your cargo delivered free and safe.

20% off one outlet W/ Code

2020 is a year you will thank for making your shopping more manageable. For instance, the available coupon allows you to get 20% off your outlet deals. The promotion is active throughout the year and requires a promo code. The code is ‘MEMPERKS2020’. Copy and activate it then use it at the checkout during your payment. This is the most relaxed way to save anytime you visit the site for purchasing.

25% Off Chaco items

All the Chaco items have a 25% discount. The coupon is a saver if you are on a budget. Hurry and grab it now before it expires. This will get you quality at affordable prices. Luckily, it is already activated, so proceed online and shop for the Chaco items.

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