Best Western Union Promo Codes  & Coupons

The most common way to send money to over 200 countries worldwide is through Western Union. Sending money requires transaction fees, which sometimes is high. This should not discourage you as the company has you in mind. There are hundreds of  Western Union Promo codes currently available. You can use the promo codes to ensure you pay less for your money transactions. We have some of the best and popular promotional codes for you. Check through and see which among them suits your transfer best and use it to save.

Western Union Promo Codes

Get 25% Off your order

All your purchases via Western  Union have a 25% off offer. The offer allows you to save more as you carry on your businesses smoothly. Apply this offer to your side with the promo code ‘APR586’. Please copy and paste it for activation, then use it during your order and save more. The promotion runs through July for you to get more out of it. Hurry before you are left out.

Get a 25% discount on Money Transfer

Your next money trader has an offer. This promotion allows you to save 25% of the original cost. When you think of sending money, proceed to Western Union and grab this offer as it is still available. You need the promo code ‘HONOROURVETS’. Copy and activate it during the checkout and apply it as you send money.

Hurry! 50% off all transfer fees

50% off your transfer fees is a fantastic offer. The promotion now available requires you to send money and use half the transaction fees. This is an attractive offer that you should not watch as it expires. Grab it today and apply it while sending money. The promo code for this deal is ‘50UNION’. Copy and after activation, apply to the transfer and save more.

Enjoy free transaction with email sign up

Did you know that you can enjoy free transaction with email signup? Well, the offer is now available just for you. Sign up for emails and receive the onetime offer from Western Union. This will see you carry out a free transaction on your money. Hurry before the deal expires. The promo code to apply is ‘FIRSTFREENZ’. Copy and activate it then use it during your transaction at the checkout. This is a huge save if you want to have a free transaction.

Enjoy fee-free to the U.S. Virgin Islands

This is a chance to save money with Western Union Money Transfer. The offer is free, sending money to the US Virgin Islands. The attractive offer might expire soon, so get your money, send it now, and save a lot. The promo code is ‘HELPUSVI’. Copy and activate, then use it during checkout as you transfer the money. Hurry before the end of July and save more with Western Union.

Get an extra 50% off all transfer fees

Western Union Promo CodeAnother attractive offer you will get on the transfer fees is now available. 50% off is your deal today. To activate it, copy the promo code ‘UNION’ then paste for activation at Western Union. Then, proceed to the checkout and use the activated coupon to transfer the money for free. This is a limited time offer that you need right now. Get it and save more through July.

Free £10 when you send £50 abroad

Get free  £10 when you transfer money with Western Union. The limit for you to transfer is £50 abroad. Use the promo code ‘mQfEA6U’ available to activate the transaction. Simply copy the code and activate it at the checkout then apply it to your transaction. The portion is now activated and will run through July with no assurance of extension. This is your time to rush and use the offer as it is still available.

Send money online directly to bank accounts for a $0 fee

Transfer money to the bank accounts with zero transaction fees. This is a promotion you will regret if you missed as it is available for a limited time. The offer uses the promo code ‘ZEROFEE20’. Copy it and paste it at the checkout for activation, and afterward, use it during the transaction. This is a great way to save as you transfer money.

$20 Credit when you activate and load $40

Activate your Western Union and laid $40 to get $20 credits for free. This offer is now available for you to save more with the account loading. The promotion code is ‘6289927433’. Copy and paste it for activation then apply to your transaction to get your free credit instantly. This offer is available for July transaction and thus a short time offer. Please, grab it and save more on your transactions.

Free first transfer from Australia

Your offer for transferring money from Australia is now active. Get the offer on your side with the promo code ‘FIRSTFREEAU’. Copy and activate it then use it during your transaction to have a free transfer of money from Australia. This is a huge offer if you want to save more with Western Union transactions. Get it before the end of July as it is likely to expire and perhaps no extensions.

Get a $10 transfer reduction through the Western Union app

Download the Western Union app and get $10 off your transfer fees. The offer is now active and available for you. Grab it now and enjoy the massive save on money transfer. You don’t need a promo code as the coupon is already active. Proceed to the app and get the offer applied to your transaction.