Best SAS Shoes Coupons, Promo Codes & Discounts


Shoes are one of the most used and necessary accessories which received a great welcome over the world. Call it a regular college visit or occasional flaunt, from kids to grownups and elderly people, shoes do make a statement in every situation and need. Shoes serve their purpose of protecting feet and providing comfort effortlessly.

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) is one of the leading groups of shoe producers and best known for its commitment to support the communities affected by several issues. Currently, they are focusing on raising funds to support military service members and their families through various charitable actions. And in 2012, they formed as a team of SAS Volunteers to find the needy from natural disasters and help them by providing the basic needs like shoes and t-shirts.

SAS Coupons, Promo Codes & Discounts

40% off

SAS Shoes CouponsSAS offers 40% off on the original price when you buy a pair of shoes worth more than $250. This doesn’t require any coupon code to redeem and find this offer in all our patented stores.

Even Discount

When you buy from SAS, you’ll become a valuable customer to them. And when you wish to keep that partnership going and purchase more, SAS offers you a 20% on every other purchase you make from the website. The discount will automatically apply to the cart when you sign in with the same credentials, and the backend algorithm identifies your even purchases and implements the discount you’re supposed to get.

Yearly Subscription

If you’re a loyal customer to SAS shoes, making the purchases regularly, you can get the benefits by opting for annual subscriptions. Customers who hail the annual subscription get 50% off on their first purchase and continue to receive more and more offers. The customers will also get early access to our Christmas and New year sales. They can get free worldwide shipping, easy returns, and refunds and prioritized customer service.

Promotional Deals

SAS Shoes has come up with a new program to attract customers. If you purchase one product at the original price (Not discounted price), you can get two other products from the same Deal for absolutely free. One more offer from SAS Shoes is to get a $100 voucher on the purchase of $500 worth products valid in the later dates.

10% Off Deal

If you’re the first customer to SAS Shoes, you can apply the coupon ‘Welcome – SAS’ in the cart and can avail 10% off from a wide range of products. The only condition is that the first purchase should be worth a minimum of $150.

Referrals Rewards

If you’re someone who loves SAS shoe products and referring it to your friends and loved ones, you can get benefitted from that. You can share your referral code with them, and when they sign-in using your system, they’ll automatically receive a 20% discount on their first purchase. The first must be worth $100 or more and should be used within 30 days after signing up.

After their first purchase with the above conditions, you’ll also receive a 20% discount to your account from SAS Shoes to promote your loyalty towards creating brand awareness and improving the clan of customers. You’ll also have to avail of the offer in 30 days, and the purchase should be more than $150.

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