Best Warframe Promo Codes, Discounts & Deals

Who else here are gaming enthusiasts? Then you must already know the use of platinum in gaming markets. For someone who doesn’t know what platinum is, it’s an in-game currency used in the games to purchase weapons, other equipment, and several other items in the gaming. You can also use these to gain more energy to finish some tough tasks or kill a massive opponent.

It’s usual in most of the games to earn or purchase some currency to gain powers, weapons, and other accessories, and Warframe Platinum is one of such kind used in several games. Warframe promo codes are useful in redeeming the upgrades in Warframe for free.

How to get Warframe promo codes?

Warframe doesn’t usually give any discounts on the platinum purchase. Any coupon codes or discounts won’t work while purchasing, but when you refer a friend to Warframe, you’ll be able to avail of a discount of 10% on the actual purchase. The more you refer to your friends or fellow gamers, the bigger the discount you get.

Warframe Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts

75% off

Warframe Promo CodesAnother way to attain up to 75% off on Warframe platinum purchase is by logging into the platform every day and playing games. The developers are using this technique to keep the gamers more interactive and close to the panel by rewarding them for their loyalty. One can get from 20% to 75% discounts on a random basis by signing in to the game everyday. But for platinum purchase, it is possible to get the rewards only by using a PC for logins.

Along with the platinum, Warframe offers several resources like boosters, weapons, maps and blueprint views upfront, and many other goods to take the game forward.

Platinum Bonus

You can’t get an offer or discount on the purchases easily other than using the above methods, but Warframe provides mods as a bonus on most of the purchase packs. Let’s take a look at the bonus on each purchase:

Price Package Platinum + Bonus
$199.99 USD Rare Mod Trinity Package 3000 + 1300 Bonus
$99.99 USD Rare Mod Twain Package 1500 + 600 Bonus
$49.99 USD Rare Mod Sundry Package 750 + 250 Bonus
$19.99 USD 370 Platinum 300 + 70 Bonus
$9.99 USD 170 Platinum 150 _ 20 Bonus
$4.99 USD 75

As mentioned in the above table, the more you purchase, the more bonus you’ll receive which in a way is a profitable action. So, if you’re a frequent gamer, it’d be suggested to buy Warframe platinum in bulk to enjoy the benefits at its most.


If not the offer or promo codes on Warframe Platinum purchases, the official Warframe provides you with some benefits on Purchasing the platinum. There are three different packages called exclusive bundles, prime access, and prime vault.  They can give you several benefits like armor sets, posters, affinity & credit boosters, weapon slots, base damage mod bundles, accessories, and several other prime accesses to on purchasing a package. The number of benefits you can get differs on the type of package you’d choose.