Steakhouses and Shops Offering Cross-State Free Delivery

It has been months since it first started and the coronavirus continues to affect people’s lifestyles. Lockdowns, lack of supplies, and difficulty in doing the usual things we used to do without much thought – these are just some of the things many of us are dealing with right now.

People need to protect themselves from the pandemic and have to stay at home as much as possible. Some restaurants also had to close or limit their dining capacities. At this point, are you craving for your favorite steak? We totally relate. Luckily, the following steakhouses and shops offer shipping services so you can still enjoy your favorite mouthwatering steaks at home.

Enjoy your favorite steaks right at the comforts of your home. (Image Source: Pixabay)


ButcherBox is a meat delivery service that offers high-quality meats that are 100% organic and are sourced from pasture-raised farms. Their steaks are free from antibiotics and are from 100% grass-fed beef. They take pride in their non-GMO verified curated and custom meals.

In a ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks comparison review, ButcherBox emerged as the winner. Though Omaha Steaks is also a good source of prime steaks especially that it is dubbed as “America’s Original Butcher”, ButcherBox was the preferred choice of the reviewer based on its quality, price points, and of course, the shipping options.

ButcherBox offers free shipping options all around the US except Alaska and Hawaii. Their meats are vacuum-sealed, frozen, and are packaged in dry ice packaging to ensure that you receive them at their best quality.

Whittingham Meats

Whittingham Meats is a family-owned business that was opened in 1947. They used to serve country clubs, restaurants, and Chicago Steakhouses with their high-quality meats. But, when the restaurants and dining rooms were ordered to close down due to the pandemic, they had to change their business model and started serving households instead.

From wholesaling to big establishments, Whittingham Meats’ bread and butter shifted to retailing to homes and offering free home delivery. They have meat boxes that they call Corona Care Packages. Their prices range from $80 for Tier D (a combination of pork tenderloins, beef fillets, bacon, chicken breasts, and bratwursts) and go up to $270 for Steak Lovers Dream which contains 13 cuts of steaks.

For now, Whittingham Meats only supplies households in Chicago. But, who knows, they might consider catering to more destinations soon.

Grass-fed beef is now preferred by more consumers despite the higher cost. (Image source: Pixabay)

Porter Road Butcher

Porter Road Butcher was founded by caterers, Chris Carter and James Peisker, in 2010. It serves a wide variety of high-quality cuts of meats around the US. They have pork, lamb, chicken, and grass-fed beef.

At Porter Road Butcher, you can always expect excellence in the quality of their meats. They offer options for individual purchasing and subscription boxes which are highly customizable so you can have more variety in your orders. If you like curated meats, they also have curated boxes such as the following:

  • Grill Master Box – this box is filled with meat that is great for grilling and is so good with BBQ sauce
  • Butchers Choice Box – this is the box for you if you fancy dry-aged beef steak, bacon, ground beef, and different pork cuts
  • Best of Porter Road- this box is a mix of hand-selected meats that can be for grilling, or cooking in iron skillets, or sous vide

As for the shipping, they can serve 48 states in the US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and other far-out territories. Their meats are packaged in environment-friendly packaging, but they don’t freeze their meats to preserve the taste and the freshness. The sweet deal is you can get a free delivery service for all orders that are above $100.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is a subscription-based meat delivery service that offers a good selection of pasture-raised meat. It is based in Seattle, Washington, and it provides products that are sourced from humanely-raised animals, without added antibiotics or hormones.

If you are looking for specialty meats such as bison and Wagyu beef, Crowd Cow is also a good source for these. They are strictly committed to quality.

Crowd Cow ships to all areas in the US in 100% recyclable packaging. Items are also vacuum-sealed and are packaged with dry ice so you don’t have to worry if you can’t place the meat in the fridge at once when you receive them. Moreover, they offer free delivery if you avail of their meat subscription boxes for at least $99.

St. Elmo’s Steak House

St. Elmo’s Steak House is one of the oldest steakhouses in Indiana and is considered to be one of the best steakhouses in the world. It has received several commendations such as “Best of Award of Excellence” and “One of the Most Iconic Food Destinations in the U.S., by Wine List Wine Spectator magazine and the Smithsonian magazine respectively. The Huffington Post also named it as “The Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State”.

With their great reputation, it’s not a wonder if you would crave to feast on their famous steaks at the comforts of your home. Luckily, St. Elmo’s Steak House partnered with Goldbelly on shipping its products all over the U.S. They offer free shipping deals, though an additional of $20 or $35 for overnight shipping will be required for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.

You can choose from the different selections that St. Elmo’s carries, which includes their signature sauces and condiments to complete the package. The items are shipped uncooked and frozen but they come with easy instructions on how to store and serve them in keeping with the flavors of St. Elmo’s Steak House.

Perini Ranch Steakhouse

Frequently named as one of the best steakhouses in Texas, Perini Ranch Steakhouse will surely satisfy your cravings for mouthwatering steaks. It is named “American Classic” by the James Beard Foundation. Their famous Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin was also chosen by the New York Times as mail order gift of the year.

Opened by Tom Perini in 1983, Perini Ranch Steakhouse serves only excellent food to their guests. It is also on Goldbelly, and you can order their signature Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin which is good for 10 servings. It also comes with a free shipping deal, except for Alaska and Hawaii which will incur additional shipping costs of $20 to $35.

With the choices above, and the convenience of online shopping you can enjoy eating quality steaks right at the comfort of your home!