The best tips on how to bet on hockey


The NHL is one of the most popular championships among sports fans and punters alike, not only in the United States and Canada but also around the world.

This is where the best ice hockey in the world happens and is one of the most exciting sports to watch and to bet on. And there are 31 teams to keep our eyes on, from Canada and all over the United States.

The NHL season has yet to begin. The start has been postponed for three months until at least the beginning of January, but the odds are there and the bets are on.

We know the favorites at winning the 2020/2021 championship. There are very good NHL Vegas odds, for example at Unibet, with the Vegas Golden Knights having +800 at winning the Stanley Cup. But they are not the favorites, rather only second. Colorado Avalanche is first, with +750 odds, while Tampa Bay Lightning has +900, and the Boston Bruins +1400.

Last year, Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup, 4-2 against the Dallas Stars, which this year are only the 11th favorites, with +2200. The Vegas Golden Knights reached the Conference Finals last year, while the Avalanche made it to the Second Round, where they lost to Dallas.

Did we just make the betting process interesting? If so, here are some of the best tips on how to bet on hockey:

Do a lot of research and gain experience 

You have to know who is who, which team is which and get to watch as many games as possible. Do your research on the teams, the players, the stats, the overall performance, and much more.

NHL is a complex championship, and you really have to improve the analytic abilities and get to know the teams very well. This way, you can make more accurate predictions.

Go for the live betting

The initial odds are only good and reliable before the game starts. After that, everything can change. A team may play better or worse than expected, and that even from the beginning. A goalie may not feel so inspired, an important player can get injured, a team’s spirit can go down after receiving a goal.

When you go for the live betting, make sure to concentrate on a single game for every NHL night. Even two games for live betting at once may be too much, as in hockey everything changes so quickly, unlike some other sports. Also, always bet on the precise events you know better.

Mind the home and away records

The players feel the difference between a home match and an away one. They get the support of their crowds and also have familiar surroundings, both inside and outside the arena. On the other hand, home matches sometimes mean more pressure on the team. And if you search for the home and away records in the NHL, you can find some interesting stats which can help in placing the odds.

Know the schedules

Another important thing to keep in mind is the schedules. There are dozens of games in a season, and sometimes a team can play more away games in a single week. Comparing to a team who played more at home, that means a considerable disadvantage to begin with.

Also, follow not only the future matches but also the previous ones – and compare them to the game you are about to bet on. Previous losses and wins can have different impacts on a team at a given time.

Don’t count so much on the favorites and underdogs

Upon reaching the Stanley Cup playoffs, there is no such sure thing about who is a certain favorite and who is not. Earlier we mentioned this season’s odds at winning the championship, and getting to the Stanley Cup finals doesn’t mean the next season they will do the same.

Just imagine this: In the last four Stanley Cup finals, we had eight different teams. That is the maximum possible in this situation – and it means a very high degree of unpredictability on the long run. In the Conference Finals, there were 14 different teams (the maximum possible was 16). Only Tampa Bay and Vegas featured twice in the past four Conference Finals playoffs.

Always check the odds 

In the end, you will always have to carefully check the odds. Don’t settle for a nice betting, or for a team you feel has its good day. Instead, combine them – check the best available odds from the bookmakers, but also think them through accordingly to the situation on the ice. Same, don’t follow only one booker, instead, go for the best.

Here are other tips you can follow:

  • Take into consideration injuries and transfers
  • Don’t chase loses
  • Specialize in a team or a few teams at most
  • Know every rule

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