The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Making Videos

In this digital world, videos make the most impact because they allow you to say many things within a few minutes. Unlike long blog posts that take a long time to read, you can convey a lot more information with videos. Similarly, using an explicit picture just doesn’t evoke the same level of understanding. Indeed, audio-visual content works best, not to mention it attracts the most attention. Thankfully, you can use an online video maker to create stunning masterpieces even if you have no technical or design skills.

With a free video maker, you’ve got efficient tools to create videos, whether for business or personal use. Creating polished, professional videos that impress your audience becomes so much easier than ever. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank—no need to drop a fortune on expensive software or equipment. You can also bid adieu to costly professional fees. Today, thanks to tech advancements, anyone can make a video. Period. To help you out, read this ultimate cheat sheet that helps you improve your video quality.

Start with a Good Plan

No matter how unique your camera is or how elaborate your free video maker is, you cannot make a poorly planned video look professional. If you don’t write a good script and create a storyboard, you will derail your project. Hence, you waste time filming and editing. Consequently, your viewers feel underwhelmed with your final output. If you don’t want to make a wrong impression, plan your videos. Identify your objectives and ask who your target audience is. With these elements in mind, you can create a compelling video that resonates with the right people.

Pay Attention to Lighting Details

If you start with the wrong foundation, all your videos will look dark and dull. Hence, paying attention to lighting will make a world of difference. From the start, this should be your priority during the filming stage. Take advantage of natural light, especially morning and evening light, which are more flattering. If you’re not shooting outdoors, you must pay close attention to your lighting. You can try the following:

  • Shoot where there is a window.
  • Use overhead lighting.
  • Try a lamp or two for added highlights.
  • Tweak the brightness or contrast within your video maker.

Take Note of the Background

It would help if you were deliberate about your background when shooting your clips. Remember, pay attention to your outdoor location. Anything messy, cluttered, and disorganized are major turn-offs. They distract the audience from your message. For best results, consider setting up a solid background. You can try the following:

  • Use a printed wall tarp.
  • Try a bedsheet.
  • Utilize a curtain.
  • Employ a green screen (if you have the funds).

Select a Good Video Editor

Find excellent video editing software so you can turn your raw footage into something spectacular. You can find a free video maker that allows you to edit using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With the right video maker, you can add the following:

  • Add video clips and images.
  • Incorporate animation.
  • Add filters, layers, and overlays.
  • Use sound effects.
  • Include music or voice-over.
  • Change the aspect ratio.

Take It Easy on the Editing

It can be fun to incorporate different editing effects when you use a free video maker. However, resist the urge to go overboard. Keep in mind that there’s beauty in simplicity. Keep your editing approach neat and clean as this looks more professional. Consider the top tips you should remember:

  • Try noise-canceling to take out annoying background sounds.
  • Tweak the brightness, hue, and contrast a little.
  • Take out long pauses and awkward silences.
  • Polish the cuts, transitions, and effects.
  • Incorporate background music, narration, or sound effects.

Make Clear and Crisp Sound a Priority

If people do not understand what you’re saying, they will move onto a different channel. If you want to prevent viewers from leaving, you need to make sure that your sound quality remains top-notch. Even if a free video maker can cancel some noise, it cannot make your audio clear if you filmed with bad audio. Hence, invest in a good quality microphone, especially if you always film outdoors. A good noise-canceling mic that records vibrant sound works to your advantage. Although it may be more costly than a regular mic, it proffers excellent value for money and assures you can decrease viewer churn rates.

Stabilize the Camera

If you’ve got a shaky video, it will appear as if an amateur filmed it. Your viewers can get a headache when your video seems as if there’s an “earthquake” with all that shaky footage. If you want professional-looking videos, make sure your camera is entirely steady. Using your hands is out of the question as your muscles will always move at some point. For best results, you need a tripod and set up in a sturdy area. You can also invest in a stabilizer to ensure everything looks solid.

Abide by The Rule of Thirds

Most professional filmmakers abide by the rule of thirds when composing their shots. What is this? Well, all you have to do is imagine your screen is divided into a 3-by-3 grid. Your subjects should fall along the grid lines so you can make the best impression on your audience. As a general rule, the imaginary points where the grids intersect serve as the most vital focal points. Thus, you must consciously situate essential elements along with those points if possible. For beginners, it would work best to follow this rule. As you become more proficient and confident in your video-making skills, you can eventually just follow your instincts.

Utilize Various Camera Angles

Finally, don’t forget to play around with your camera angles. Don’t just shoot from the same spot. Shooting from various angles ensures you make your work exciting and compelling. Whether you’re shooting a how-to video, a product demo, or a drama, you must try this technique so your work doesn’t look monotonous and boring. A shift in camera perspective will work wonders in keeping your viewers’ eyes peeled on your channel.