Best Direct Gardening Coupon & Promo Codes

Are you a self-proclaimed, passionate green thumb? Choose to find your preferred plants at Direct Gardening. It is one of the largest distributors and producers of home gardening products online and throughout the great American country. Direct Gardening offers a wide range of high-quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs, and other supplies at the lowest prices across the nation, including the territories of Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

They offer edible plants, seeds, perennials, bulbs, trees, shrubs, roses, vines, climbers, seeds, garden supplies and solutions for everyone.

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Direct Gardening Coupons

Promo CodeDiscountExpiration
13941 Free Iris With Any OrderLimited time
99711 Free Hosta With Your OrderLimited time
No coupon code requiredBuy 1, Get 1 For 1 $0.01Limited time
99531 Free HibiscusLimited time
1069Get Free Gifts On Gardening ProductsLimited time
9927Receive 2 Free Hen & Chicks On Your OrderLimited time
No coupon code required56% Off Red Apeldoom TulipLimited time
13861 Free DaylilyLimited time
13563 Free Peacock Orchid Bulbs With OrderLimited time

1 Free Iris With Any Order

Iris plants are one of a kind botanicals. It is a genus of several species of flowering plants with showy florals. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning “rainbow,” and Iris is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. There are those who say that the name pertains to a wide range of flower colors found in various species.

Today is the day. Get your free Iris with any order at Direct Gardening. Shop today.

1 Free Hosta With Your Order

Hosta is not like any other plant. It comes from the genus of plants known as hostas, plantain lilies and occasionally, the Japanese name “gibōshi.” There are several options you can take at Direct Gardening. Grab your free hosta with your order at Direct Gardening.

Buy 1, Get 1 For 1 $0.01

Time to unleash your inner gardening magician. Buy one, get one for $0.01 at Direct Gardening with this coupon. Giveaway alert! Calling green thumbs and shopping enthusiasts. Simply visit the official website of Direct Gardening to get your chance to win this coupon that will let you save on the costs of your shopping. Visit their website today at

1 Free Hibiscus

At Direct Gardening, there are several edible plants to choose from. You can select from their varied array of small fruits, fruit trees, vegetables, and nut trees in the marketplace. The finest-performing gardening variants and the edible varieties are here at Direct Gardening. Grow these with any of your outstanding edible varieties right from your patio.

Get your hibiscus now at Direct Gardening for free with this coupon. Use the voucher code 9953 to avail the promo.

Direct Gardening Coupon

Get Free Gifts On Gardening Products

For a limited time only, Direct Gardening is giving away gifts for free on gardening products. Use the coupon code 1069 to grab this discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Here at Direct Gardening, they are known to offer a wide array of exceptional and unique perennials for sunny and shady areas, as well as to water-wise groundcovers. They also have hardy ferns, interesting ornamental grasses, fragrant perennials, and other varieties. Will you take the gander to get started shopping today?

Receive 2 Free Hen & Chicks On Your Order

Why do people love Direct Gardening? They do not just get plants, but they also receive free hen and chicks on their order with the coupons. Simply use the voucher code 9927 to avail the discount. Select from a wide range of beautiful roses too. They have the classic hybrid teas in their collection, as well as multi-flowering floribundas, varieties, roses, hedges, and roses for your patio. For the winter, they also have roses bred for this sub-zero weather. Turn them into fragrances!

56% Off Red Apeldoom Tulip

The red apeldoom tulip is great to have in your garden. Grab your 56 percent off this botanicals only at Direct Gardening.

Vines and climbers? They are here at Direct Gardening. Add vertical color to the garden and your landscape with beautiful vines, as well as climbers. There are climbing roses, brilliant-colored clematis, and more for your beautiful landscapes.

1 Free Daylily

Lilies are beautiful to have. Grab your daylily at Direct Gardening for free with this coupon. Hurry and get started shopping today.

3 Free Peacock Orchid Bulbs With Order

There are three peacock orchid bulbs with your order at Direct Gardening. Guess what? You can get these for free.

Direct Gardening offers the best savings of plant varieties with flavors, shapes, and colors of tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, potatoes, melons, and other seed items. Seek the best plants at Direct Gardening, and save on the costs of your shopping with coupons.