Top 5 Television Series About Doctors

Television today provides so many options, and there are some genuinely well-written and exciting series out there. If you’re like a lot of people, you enjoy series that have some similarities to real life, so it’s not surprising that one common genre of fictional TV is a medical drama.

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There are many different series that focus on doctors and their work, and while they all provide their unique setting and characters, they offer insight into health care work but in a highly fictionalized way.

Many people enjoy these series because the backdrop of a hospital or medical office allows for exciting storylines surrounding love, life, and loss. If you’re into this genre, not all programs are as good as others. But, some series are sure to impress.

Here are the best television medical drama programs

5. M*A*S*H

While this series is the oldest one on this list, you shouldn’t count it out. It aired for eleven seasons starting in 1972 and followed a medical team deployed during the Korean War.

The series was quite influential at the time, and even today, it still has a significant impact on pop culture. While it does have some comedic elements as well, there are some big dramatic ones.

These more dire situations are the ones that many people remember from the show. The finale is known for being particularly heart-wrenching and well-executed.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

There’s no denying that Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most beloved and long-running television series ever. But, it’s not even close to the most accurate one. The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital could use some continuing education units to brush up on their medical knowledge.

It’s a good thing that most people aren’t really watching for accuracy. The series does deliver a lot of emotional punches and has a variety of characters to become invested in.

However, some people find that the show has gone on too long as it does have 18 seasons. Many of the cast members have come and gone, but the early days of the series featured some rather notable actors and fresh storylines.

3. Nurse Jackie

Most people know about Grey’s Anatomy, but other worthwhile medical dramas deserve a watch. Nurse Jackie ran for seven seasons and followed the life of an emergency nurse. There are some heavy themes in this series, but it’s worth it if you enjoy a bit of realistic drama in the shows you watch. The series is notable in the way it addresses real-life themes, such as issues in the healthcare system.

2. House

This series is perfect if you like main characters with a bit of an edge who aren’t always likable. Dr. Gregory House is sometimes hard to root for as a person, but his ability to diagnose and save patients with rare illnesses was fascinating to watch. There is a lot more medical jargon in this series, which is fun for some people. But, keep in mind that not everything is entirely realistic here either, even if it might focus more heavily on the illnesses.

1. ER

This television series was iconic when it aired. It might have been made in the 90s, but audiences today can still find many things about the story relatable. In many ways, ER launched the more recent doctor shows we know and love, and it had an exceedingly talented cast. If you’re a bit younger and never watched the series when it aired, it could be an excellent time to give it a try. It’s no surprise it’s often seen as one of the best medical dramas ever made.