What are Fast Fashion and 5 Tips to Avoid it?

The term fast fashion defines clothing designs replicated from fashion show designs and produced commercially to be made available in stores. It’s done to follow the trend and gain maximum benefit from it.

Fast fashion enables mainstream consumers to opt for extensive looks and trends at affordable prices. Further, it is a design, creation, and marketing technique that entirely focuses on producing high-volume clothing. However, the thing with fast fashion is that manufacturers often exploit the labor in an attempt to replicate the latest catwalk trends quickly and in massive volumes. This is why many people try to avoid fast fashion trends.

The article lists down essential details about fast fashion and helps you with some tips to stay away from it.

History of Fast Fashion

Up till the mid-twentieth century, the fashion industry included four seasons in the year. This includes summer, winter, autumn, and spring. The fashion industry would work beforehand and plan months in advance. For each season, designers would predict the styles, keeping trends as per the customer’s preferences.

This fashion type was more organized than the fashion of today that has taken away agency from wearers. When style became accessible to the masses, it was suggested to high society, and there were rules to tag along.

In the midst of World War II, clothing fabric had to be limited, and designs became simpler. People jumped on to mass clothing and became more accepting towards it.

Mass clothing production expanded on a considerable scale from the 1960s to the 1990s. In turn, labor and production process were contracted out to the evolving world. The manufacturing industry brought the cheapest work and material. Thus, lower working standards were introduced. But the demand for affordably priced clothing remained high.

Therefore, clothing manufacturers shortened their pace, and trends were introduced now and then. In the 1990s, fashion becomes as fast as it is today. The retailers continue to cut costs and enhance the speed of collection output.

The Alternative of Fast Fashion: Slow Fashion

This is funny enough, but the alternative to fast fashion is slow fashion. You might not have heard of this term, but the idea has been around for a while, just with other names. The other names for slow fashion include sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, and eco-fashion. They have the exact meaning of the term slow fashion.

Slow fashion is a creative way of rethinking fashion, which makes fashion sustainable and climate-friendly. The concept deals with an awareness related to fashion that considers the fact that processes and resources are needed for clothing. It encourages you to buy high-quality clothing, which lasts longer and values fair treatment of animals, plants, and people.

5 Tips to Avoid Fast Fashion

Now that we have covered its definition, history, and alternative, it’s time to look at the ways to avoid fast fashion. You can efficiently execute these tips in your life, and they will help you avoid fast fashion.

  • Always Buy Few Clothes

This is one of the most valuable and cheap pieces of advice. The truth is not every trend requires you to follow it, and following every trend doesn’t make you happy. An accurate technique to avoid fast fashion or simply becoming a more sustainable shopper is to cut down your shopping in general.

You can easily opt for unique and evergreen styles. As an alternative, you can invest in quite a few products every year that last from one season to another. It turns you into a sustainable shopper, and your bank account will also witness a positive effect.

  • Make Your Own Clothes

One way to avoid fast fashion is to make your own clothes. We know it’s easier said than done but trust us, it’s worth the effort. You’ll be able to choose everything yourself, from the fabric to the style to the type of embellishments and cuts to go with it. There will be no exploitation of labor involved. It’ll be your work, and the clothes will have more of a personal taste to them.

Or you can also choose to buy from businesses that make custom dresses using high-quality, sustainable materials. For instance, London’s Fashion Formula provides high-quality material and pattern-wise options for its customers. They give fabric printing options to get the design of your choice printed on the material of your choice. They are unique because you design them on your own and can opt for printing on different materials.

  • Know Your Style

It is one classic tip!

Style is your signature way to dress, including the fit, fabric, colors, patterns, and printing on your clothing. When you are aware of your style, you opt for clothes accordingly. You make purchases that you wish to wear and love about it.

Further, you will avoid making purchases that you might abandon at the back of your wardrobe. You can recognize your style from the clothes you wear frequently and feel the most comfortable in them.

  • Lend Support to Small Businesses

You know your friend that makes super cute dresses. She needs your support. Purchasing from small businesses helps them to grow and prevent fast fashion. You can even support the local and small businesses without spending a single penny. Like, comment, and save their post. Tell your other friends about it.

  • Shop from Thrift Stores

Purchasing second-hand clothing is an eco-friendly option. When you buy it, you are saving all the resources required to manufacture it. Plus, it will save money in the longer run. Also, you can find some vintage pieces.

The term fast fashion is a catchy way to define the quick and cheap processes employed by the industry. In turn, this has a harmful effect on the environment. For this reason, you are suggested to avoid fast fashion. The tips listed above help you avoid it and make more mindful decisions.