What has changed in the profession system in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

With the release of the Dragonflight update, which was added last November, Blizzard has significantly reworked the profession system. Activity has again become relevant in terms of benefits and the possibility of earning gold. This was achieved through a significant reworking of the main mechanics and the addition of new parameters and general functionality.

In this article, we will look at the main changes in the profession system.

Brief description of changes

Many items and reagents associated with professions have received a quality rank.

Players now have the ability to choose a specialty during the development of profession skills.

Added a table of orders and the ability for artisan players to craft items of various qualities for other players for financial rewards.

The concept of characteristics and tools in the system of professions, and much more.

To fully engage in the development of mining or creating professions, you need to go to Dragon Island. To join the Dragonflight update, you need to get level 60 – the final one for Shadowlands.

This can be done by mastering the system of story and secondary quests, killing many monsters, and winning raids and dungeons to gain experience.

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Major Changes to the Professions System in the Dragonflight Update

  1. Updated interface – now the player will receive more extensive information about the system of professions, about the quality of the item and materials, ways to get missing resources, the interface of triggered enhancements from characteristics, and much more.
  2. Specialization – now at the 25th level of the profession, the player can choose a further development path for their skills. The development of a separate specialization will require the acquisition of special knowledge that is mined on the dragon islands. In total, the player will be able to develop all three specializations, but with different time intervals – the knowledge gained will be enough to develop the first specialization, and the rest will be pumped through quests that are updated every 7 days and crafting any items related to the profession that the player creates for the first time.
  3. Order system – now players can create orders and complete them depending on the required skills of the required profession. Orders are private and public. Private ones are addressed to a specific player, and the craftsman himself decides whether to take such an order to work and whether he is satisfied with the proposed reward in the form of gold. Public orders are available to everyone and the client must provide all the necessary materials for crafting and offer a good reward to attract truly experienced craftsmen, not novice craftsmen.
  4. The general quality of items and resources – now everything related to the profession system – items, resources, and tools have the concept of quality. The higher this indicator in the resources that are used in production, the higher the overall probability of getting the item of the highest quality, and with the right combination of the best resources, you can bring the chance to almost 100%. The updated interface will tell you where and how to extract such resources.
  5. New tables for artisans – on them, specialists in their profession will make items taken through the order system. Each order is active for no more than two hours and the master has 30 minutes to craft items. Tables are needed to enhance the effect of interaction between craftsmen and clients on the Dragon Islands in the market square of the capital.
  6. Profession characteristics – now each profession has unique parameters that will affect the mechanics of working with the craft. The player will be able to develop the ability to create more items for a standard number of resources, the ability to get the highest quality product by one-time increasing the skill of professions, the speed of working with resources, and the chance to spend fewer resources to create items.

The overall value of each of the characteristics can be increased with the help of talents and a new system of tools that are created by the artisan himself, purchased from the marketplace, or ordered through the order table from representatives of the required professions. Blizzard divided each tool into different professions so that all the masters interacted with each other to obtain the necessary equipment and immediately got used to the system of orders and crafting tables.

The main plus of the new equipment is that it is easy to get it in standard quality and the system will independently put on the best equipment, which will increase the potential for working with the necessary craft. When the crafting process is completed, the items will automatically move back to the inventory, saving the player from having to keep track of the new mechanics.

New Reagent Pouch and Consumable Interaction – The reagent interface now has a separate slot in the inventory and the number of reagents and materials in one stack has been increased without being moved to another inventory slot.

Jewelers and Inscribers can now process the materials and reagents they need simply by right-clicking on them in any quantity.