What Would College Students Like Discount Coupons For

Most students have a lot of expenses and tight budgets. They always try to save some money by pursuing cheap products. Fortunately, many companies help students get their products or services at a lower price by providing discount coupons.

Teenagers with a valid student ID can visit museums, cinema theaters, zoos, and amusement parks with up to 50% discount. Also, learners can purchase tech, public transport tickets, or insurance for a reduced price. If you’re a full-time student and want to pay someone to do your homework online for a low price, there is a straightforward solution. Grab your smartphone and find a paper writing service that provides discounts for students.

According to the latest survey, students spend most of their money online for purchasing apparel. Then, there are textbooks, media, and personal electronics in the list of students’ expenses. Let’s discover how teenagers can save money by using coupons.

Apparel Discounts

Everyone needs clothes. Students always try to look great to make a good impression on others. Moreover, a lot of learners want to show their uniqueness and stand out from the crowd by using an attractive look.

Unfortunately, prices on new collections are always high. Therefore, apparel companies provide high discounts for teenagers. Those who have a valid student ID can save more than 20% on closes.

In other words, buying five items of a particular t-shirts model, learners can get every fifth thing with no charge. Most impressive that these price cuts are permanent so that there is no need to expect a sale to buy the desired apparel for a reduced price.

ASOS, a leading apparel brand, provides a 10% cut to those who fill in the form on their website, confirm their student’s email, and specify a graduation year. If you want to buy sportswear, feel free to visit the official Nike website and purchase any item with a 10%-20% discount. However, you should confirm your learner status by using the SheerID.

Moreover, the BooHoo store provides a 60% discount to everyone who has a valid StudentBeans account.

Educational Discounts

Students spend a lot of money on textbooks and educational materials to meets a college’s requirements and acquire the best knowledge. For sure, learners never lose the opportunity to save some money on textbooks. Also, you can save money when ordering college homework help online. Surf the Web and find a paper writing website that offers the best rates for learners.

The BookOutlet provides a 10% discount on books online. Note that you should confirm your status via the StudentBeans to claim the coupon. The Kobo Rakuten website provides every student with an $8 coupon on the first purchase. Also, these guys provide a 30% price reduction on the selected list of books.

Registering the Prime Student account on Amazon, you can receive up to 90% price cut on used textbooks, and up to 49% on new textbooks. Also, everyone who has a valid learner ID can receive the 2-day shipping service on Amazon for free.

Discounts on Media

Teenagers consume a lot of media. They watch TV-shows and listen to music almost every day. The most popular media streaming services require to subscribe and regularly pay to receive media content. Let’s discover how teenagers who have tight budgets can access media files for cheap.

Audible, the service by Amazon that provides audiobooks quickly and easily, offers over 30% discount for all students who can verify their status. As a bonus, these guys offer a $10 credit on Amazon.

The leading video-hosting, YouTube, provides reduced subscription premium plans for students. If you’re a student, you can get the YouTube premium plan subscription for $6.99 instead of $11.99. However, there are some restrictions. Firstly, you should verify your student’s status and renew it every year. You cannot use the reduced premium plan for more than four years.

The Washington Post supports students’ desire to learn out of classrooms and offers a half-price cut on their subscription for learners. You can receive the limitless access to all the materials for $5/4 weeks (regularly $10/4 weeks).

Doubtless, Apple has a great app for listening to music online. Fortunately, they provide a 50% reduction if you use a .edu email. Also, they can obtain access to Apple TV with no extra charge.

Software Products Discount

Every student has an electronic device in the digital era. However, any device is useless without software that brings the ability to complete tasks and resolves problems.

Unfortunately, the best software products are paid or require a monthly subscription. Let’s check the best deals on the most popular digital products among students.

Evernote is the leading application for making notes that help note everything lightning-fast and syncs all the notes on different devices, even if they use diverse operating systems. A legitimate student ID will help you to buy a premium subscription for a reduced price.

All graphic design learners know the Adobe Creative Cloud. It is a service from Adobe Inc. that foresees access to 20+ apps for visual editing, fonts, cloud storage, etc. The regular price to obtain it is $52.99/month. Hover, if you’re a teenager, you can get access for $19.99/month only.

The Microsoft company provides their most popular products with no charge for educational purposes. If you’re a student and your educational institution doesn’t provide the Office 365 Education pack for free, you can get it by yourself. You’ll use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams with no charge.

Why Do Companies Offer Discounts for Teenagers?

For the first sight, the answer is obvious. Companies want to help undergraduates who cannot afford products or services for a high price. However, there some different reasons why businesses provide discounts to learners.

Firstly, they want to attract new customers who want to save money purchasing on the Internet. Secondly, they want to attract the young generation to gain a loyal consumer base that will continue using their services or products for full-price later.

Therefore, don’t stop surfing the Web and looking for a great discount after graduation. Hopefully, there are a lot of app and browser extensions that keep notified about the top price cuts and promotions these days.