Why Technology Is The Saving Grace As Lockdown Continues

If there is one thing that has been helping people get through lockdown it is technology. Without it, the ability to video call, chat, and keep in touch with friends and family would be extremely limited. For those gamers or sports fans, technology has also been imperative in terms of keeping these people entertained with the absence of live sport and closures of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and casinos.

Technology for entertainment

Without a working life for many, the main issue has been how to keep busy and entertained enough to get through these unprecedented times. For many, the online world has been a tremendous help with online gaming and quizzing coming to the fore. Gaming has come in different forms with traditional activities such as bingo transcending the online world as an encyclopedia of quizzes can also be found at the touch of a button. For those used to dabbing numbers and using a pen and paper to list quiz answers in real life, a computerized version from sites such as mobile bingo and jetpunk, for example, have given some kind of escape to the monotonous tone of lockdown.

Of course, keeping up with bingo online is also a way for many people to socialize with like-minded others. Who knows, they might have found some friends for life when this is all over?

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Sporting fans have had to look elsewhere for their sporting fix too with live football only slowly seeping back into the fold. Such a fraternity has had to rewind to previous games, competitions, and events to alleviate boredom. And, with no weekly accumulators and suchlike available, other forms of gambling such as casinos, bingo, and slots have had to take precedence.

Technology for comfort

For those older people, whose weekly highlight was seeing their family, technology has been and will continue to be a huge help. Video chatting over Skype or the increasingly-popular Zoom has been the main source of comfort for families and friends separated during the lockdown.

Hour-long calls where you can interact with each other and actually see a familiar face has been vital for keeping track of relatives’ progress as well as keeping their spirits up in what is undoubtedly a tough time for all.

Technology for hobbies

Nowadays almost everything can be accessed online. That is especially true of outlets such as books that have been turned electronically into devices like Kindle which can help those that can’t currently get out of the house and buy a book to still embrace the words of a particular author.

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Even cooking recipes can be brought up via tablets and computers, so there is no excuse for skipping out on good, home-cooked food that tickles the tastebuds as opposed to takeaways and ready meals.

Though all gyms are closed, exercise videos and regimes online are a big hit with viewers with the likes of Londoner Joe Wicks putting children, adults, and even pensioners through their paces.

Technology has enabled so much to be learned online that there are no excuses for not keeping entertained or even learning something new whilst in lockdown. Author Ruth Burke once said “only boring people get bored”, so pick up something new, keep yourself entertained and keep in touch with family and friends as the advances in technology have enabled.