6 Best Online Study Options and Tools for CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

Acing one or several exams is a crucial requirement for earning CompTIA certifications, and to pass any of those tests, knowledge of the latest concepts is important. Moreover, since there are many options to study, no candidate should have an excuse.

This post focuses on the Network+ certification and its CompTIA Network+ Questions. It might be challenging, but with the right mindset and adequate knowledge, anyone can pass it. From the paragraphs below, you’ll learn about the most popular online preparation resources and tools available to candidates. But before we dive deeper into these learning materials, let’s consider the details of the test.

Details of Network+ Certification Exam

N10-007 exam is a 90-minute assessment you will have to take before you get Network+ certified. Passing it means you have fully understood the requirements as stated in its objectives. It is also proof that you are competent in the following domains:

  • Designing and implementing functional networks,
  • Configuring, managing, and maintaining equipment for networks,
  • Effective usage of routers and switches in segmenting networks,
  • Ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of various network setups,
  • Implementing network security, protocols as well as standards,
  • Troubleshooting network issues,
  • Supporting the design of virtualized networks.

This list may seem very vast but you Exam-Labs Network+ offers many study options that you can use to acquire the skills that bring out your competence in these areas. Next is an overview of these resources for the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Online Study Materials and Tools to Prepare for N10-007 Exam

Despite the many options for preparation, you still need to settle on what you think is right for you. Your choice is going to depend on how deep your needs are and what is the learning style that makes you acquire the objectives in the most comfortable manner. These are the materials available for those who are going to sit for the Network+ test:

Study guides

N10-007 candidates can utilize study guides in eBook as well as print formats. Those for Network+ are designed by IT professionals and include all the need information. eBooks are best to use since one can access them through their hand-held devices or PCs when they are studying. So, you can study wherever you are as long as your device is charged. Apart from the official book, you can also access the following on Amazon:

  • CompTIA Network+ study guide (by T. Lammle);
  • Network+ All-in-One guide (M. Meyers);
  • Exam-Cram CompTIA Network+ guide (E. Dulaney).

Instructor-led live-online learning

Books are great in providing theory but there are times when you need to get some specific questions answered by experts. This is where instructor-led course becomes handy as it involves receiving instructions online through a live and interactive virtual classroom. The sessions are usually led by experienced trainers who deliver information through conveniently scheduled classes. It is ideal especially when you desire a real-time, flexible but less costly means of training since in this case, you don’t have to spend your time or finances traveling to attend lessons in an offline center.

CompTIA online assessment

Your training for the N10-007 exam can include training with CertMaster Practice. This online course helps you assess your knowledge and check for gaps. This way, you can find out which areas you need to study more exhaustively. This tool also features real-time analytics for learning and content refreshers that enable information reinforcement.

eLearning Courses

The ability to learn from anywhere anytime can be attractive especially if it includes not only theoretical concepts but some materials for practicing too. CompTIA’s eLearning combines these study aspects containing texts, videos, performance-based questions with real-world issues to be solved, and flashcards. This method of delivering Network+ exam instructions is also affordable and allows you to use different materials as many times as you wish until you completely understand the topics.


Using flashcards is a great technique for exam preparation and the N10-007 test is not an exception. They motivate learners to study and retain factual knowledge being both engaging and interactive. They also instill confidence in candidates when they use them repetitively.

What you need to know, however, is that flashcards are not adequate on their own, they will be best for reviewing what you already learned. So, you have to study other resources as well to help you acquire information based on the exam’s objectives.

Virtual labs

This is one more great tool by CompTIA available for the N10-007 exam preparation. Browser-based virtual labs help supercharge your Network+ certification training. They allow you to develop practical skills through a simulated environment set up just like the physical one. Such training will be advantageous since you can learn theory as well as manage basic or even advanced tasks.

The skills you acquire through the virtual labs will go beyond assisting you in the exam. They also enhance your ability to effectively take care of networking related issues once you are employed.


Learning for Network+ exam with the right resources helps you digest all the concepts required involving both theoretical and practical ones. Utilizing CompTIA online materials, you’ll be able to focus on going deeper into the topics and gain up-to-date knowledge in the sphere. As you then choose to revise with third-party sources, keep comparing what you have with the objectives listed on the official exam’s page. Now, you are ready to start your preparation — choose the most suitable options, study them thoroughly, and the success in the N10-007 test will be forthcoming.