With These Stylish Mens Haircuts, You Will Always Look On Trend

With the wide range of mens haircuts available today, it may be really challenging to pick out the one that suits you best. For your convenience, we put together the best haircuts for men at every length point, from short to long. All you have to do is to choose the one that resonates with you most.

Short Mens Haircuts For Men Who Value Their Time

Short haircuts for men make up the biggest group for good reason. They give you a multitude of benefits compared to other popular mens haircuts, which our website LoveHairStyles discloses explicitly. They are low maintenance, easy to style, and versatile. And here are the best of them.

A High And Tight Cut

When you opt for a high and tight haircut, you can rest assured that it is going to flatter your face shape and hair type, as it suits literally anyone. What is more, it will not take you much effort to maintain this cut as well as adjust it to suit any occasion. The haircut implies getting the back and sides shaved down to the skin and blended into the hair on top of the head, which should be left intentionally a little longer.

A Caesar Haircut

A Caesar haircut will allow you to show off your strong manly facial features while accentuating the hair texture. As this cut has a very distinctive trait – straight bangs – you can easily recognize it out of thousands of others. The top is given a textured cut for extra emphasis and definition. It is best complemented with an undercut or a fade, as they bring the layered hair on top to the center stage.

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A Crew Cut

What makes a crew cut an iconic men’s haircut is that it creates a sharp look with minimal effort. The hair on top is cut so that the outline seems horizontal when observed from the side. To achieve this, you need to cut your hair shorter on the crown than in the front. This haircut pairs nicely with a taper and fade on the back and sides.

Medium Mens Haircuts To Always Look On Fleek

If you usually lean toward the happy medium rather than extremes, then medium mens haircuts are your go-to option. They provide you with a smart and dapper look, thus allowing you to get your foot in any door.

A Pomp

It is hard to find a gent who has not heard of such a staple of classic mens haircuts as a pompadour. This polished and sophisticated haircut instantly makes you look neat and chic. Of course, it has many variations nowadays, thus anyone can match a pomp to their preferences and physical features. No matter which of them you are going to choose, you need to ensure that your hair is cut and styled so that it forms a mound in the front.

A Fohawk

If you feel like spicing up your look a bit without crossing the boundaries, then a fohawk is a perfect way to do so. Being a subtler take on a traditional rocker’s haircut, a mohawk, it is suitable for most environments, even pretty formal. To pull it off, the hair should be cut so you can style it to form a ridge. This is usually achieved by trimming the sides short while leaving a narrow strip of hair on top.

A Fringe

Hardly any other male cut is so versatile as a fringe. Although we included it into medium length mens haircuts, it may also refer to short and long cuts. While offering you so much freedom in terms of cutting and styling, it is unbelievably easy to get. Simply cut your hair short all over while leaving a longer strand of hair in the front.

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Long Mens Haircuts That Worth The Effort

Even though long mens haircuts have been around since the dawn of time, it is only recently that they have become all the rage. Obviously, you cannot call them low maintenance or easy to manage. Yet, they instantly make you stand out in the crowd, which levels all potential drawbacks.

A Man Bun

A man bun exploded in popularity a couple of years ago and it does not seem to disappear anytime soon. One of its biggest advantages is that it takes away the hair from your face, thus revealing your strong facial features while retaining the length. Moreover, there is a myriad of ways to tie a man bun, so you can flaunt a brand new hairstyle every day.

Free Falling Hair

You can never go wrong with wearing your long tresses loose. This is arguably the best way to show off both your hair length and its beauty. So, make sure you take care of your locks in the best possible way.

If you were looking for mens haircuts that would become your signature look, we are almost certain that you have found them in our guide. As you can see, men have as many haircut options as women, if not more. Simply, select the look that you like most.