Best Zoosk Promo Code, Discount, & Coupons [2020]

The face of dating has changed over the years. From traditional meetups to video chats and texting; nothing is the same as before. Having accounts on multiple dating platforms have become a norm for many. However, security and privacy of personal information is a prime concern.

Online dating platforms such as Zoosk offer a safe place for people who are looking for authentic relationships. With properly verified profiles and the right recipe for matchmaking, Zoosk is doing wonders by helping its users find legit partners. Not just that, Zoosk also offers sign-up discounts and other promotional offers to its customers. Read on to find out what’s in store for your discount seekers on this dating platform.

Zoosk Discount Deals, Promo Codes, and Coupons

Military Discounts

Zoosk offers a 30% discount to active and ex-military men. This discount is currently in effect and is applicable to sitewide purchases on Zoosk.

Sign-Up Discounts

Zoosk Promo CodeUnlike other dating platforms that charge heavy prices for just subscribing to their platform, Zoosk offers its users a free subscription followed by a free monthly trial. Subscribing to this platform is entirely free of cost and users get a chance to familiarize themselves with the platform first before they are roped in for making payments.

Zoosk’s Virtual Currency

When you start connecting with other singles on Zoosk, you earn Zoosk coins. These coins are the virtual currency used on Zoosk to gain access to more of its features without having to pay hefty amounts.

The activities which help you earn Zoosk coins include:

  • Interacting with the site by scrolling, searching and connecting with people
  • Liking, sharing and commenting on their social media profiles and posts
  • Referring Zoosk to a friend
  • Downloading & using their mobile app
  • Giving feedback and taking part in online surveys etc.

A total of 17-30 Zoosk coins can be earned by doing these things. These coins can be used to unlock newer features of the site. The benefits of earning Zoosk coins do not just stop there. In fact, after a user has used Zoosk coins, they are further rewarded for putting their currency to use by allowing their profile to appear in search results for a greater number of times. Additionally, more profiles are unlocked for user’s viewing and many such other gifts are awarded.

Paid Subscription Discount

Zoosk offers its paid users an extended 14-day trial. To avail of this offer, subscribers need to enter promo code ‘2pcz6zpg’ on their check-out page. This offer is only available to customers who purchased Zoosk’s subscription using a credit card.

Subscription Plan Discounts

Zoosk is offering its new subscribers a discount of flat 30%. This discount is available on subscriptions for 3 months and not less. This deal also consists of the free 30 day trial period.

Popular Expired Offers

Apart from the ones mentioned above, a very popular Zoosk discount offer we came across the internet was getting a 15% discount on subscription. It required entering promo code ‘siv2tbq2’ at the time of purchasing the plan. This offer is no longer active as it expired on 31st December 2019. It is only mentioned as an example of other seasonal discounts that are active round the year at Zoosk.

About Zoosk

Zoosk is an online dating and matchmaking platform. It allows its users to look for love and form authentic relationships online. Unlike many other dating platforms, Zoosk is safe, secure and facilitates its users to the core. It allows them to save a good amount of their money for their actual dates by offering periodic sales and discounts.

The best way to stay updated about Zoosk’s discount offers and promo codes is to get them directly in your inbox. Just sign-up with the website and provide them your email address for any further communication. They will send you the periodic active offers directly.