10 Superb Ways To Use An Organizational Chart Maker

An organizational chart maker is one of the efficient ways to present your team’s internal structure. It helps managers to clarify the duties and responsibilities of each employee in the company along with or without chain-of-command. You can make a unique organizational chart in minutes. Moreover, you can design an accurate diagram even if it contains large hierarchy levels. Some smart managers like to add images and shapes to their organizational charts, such as logos/emblems of the company and some important stuff.

An org chart template can be used in many ways:

1. To Know Your Organizational Hierarchy

If you are a newcomer in your company then an organizational chart helps you to understand how things work in the organization. It also enhances your learning curve about your colleagues, subordinates, and superiors with who you have to deal every day.


2. For Your Employees

A business organizational chart is a good way to let your employees know how they fit in their company hierarchy and what they should do next to reach their goals fast. Smaller companies use organizational diagrams to show their employees the path from entry-level staff to management levels.

3. For Your Managers

Organizational charts are a very good way for managers to keep track of their team members and manage them accordingly. In this rapidly changing business environment, they have to move fast to stay ahead of others. A correctly designed organizational chart is a good aid for the managers to do just that.

4. For Your Board Members

Managers aren’t the only ones who benefit from organizational charts. Even board members can use them to understand the company organization, its culture, and the work efficiency of each department better. A big picture of the organization’s structure also helps board members with the decision-making process.

5. For Your Customers

Organizational charts can be of big value for customers if they are looking forward to understanding the size and complexity of your company. This is especially important when major decisions have to be made on some specific matters, such as mergers with another company. Of course, you don’t need to give them an organizational chart of your entire company; you should make a smaller one that shows only the relationship between your company and any potential merger partner.

Along with an organizational chart, you may want to use a graph maker from Venngage so you can show how your company is doing to your customers.

6. For Your Competitors

You can give your competitors an effective organizational structure of your company so they could have a clear understanding of how strong you are in the market. This strategy is especially efficient when you know that your guys are strong inside the company, but they lack the expertise to handle certain tasks.


7. For Your Vendors

There’s nothing like a good organizational chart that makes your vendors feel more comfortable about working with you. It helps them understand what you expect from them and how they can work most effectively to your advantage. Also, it helps them understand who they are dealing with when they have to deal with several people in your company.

8. For Your Consultants

Organizational charts are very effective for consultants who need to know who they should talk to in specific cases. They also help consultants see the relationships between different departments so they can deliver their services more efficiently and accurately without wasting any effort.

9. For Your Future Plans

If you want to make changes in your business structure, then organizational charts are the best way to do that. It is a good idea to add such diagrams on the websites of your company and show people how things will work after some important changes have been made. Organizational charts can be efficiently used to explain to your employees how they should behave in order to deliver the best results.

10. For Your Products and Services

In today’s business world, people want to know everything about you before they do business with you. Organizational charts are a good way to make things clear for them without any doubts or confusion. Although an organizational chart alone cannot help your products or services become successful, it can attract the right attention that will help you gain more potential clients.


Organizational charts are very effective for companies of all sizes and types. They can be used in many different ways to show employees, customers, competitors, or any other interested parties what your company is about. With the right design, you can find out who should consult with whom, who’s responsible for what tasks, and so on. That’s why organizational charts are not only useful for managers, but also for other members of your company. All in all, organizational charts can make things more efficient and productive for you.

All these 10 reasons show how important organizational charts are in today’s competitive business world. So, if you want to make things clear for yourself and understand how things work within your company or outside the world better, check out a template for an organizational chart, then see how it can help you.