DIRECTV – Bill Payment Options

As a customer of DIRECTV, you will not be facing any hassle when it comes to the payment of your bills. This is because they have numerous payment options to choose from. These options are mentioned below in detail:

Online Payments

You can pay all of your bills online using a debit/credit card or a checking account by simply creating an online account. You will have two options when it comes to online payments, i.e. making a one-time payment or signing up for Auto Bill Pay. The one-time bill payment option will submit your payments within an hour whereas the Auto Bill Pay option will deduct your bills automatically from the payment method that you have selected.

Text Message Payments

You can pay your bills very quickly no matter where you are by sending a text to 21880 saying ‘Pay’. After this, you will be required to follow a few instructions. Also, note that you might incur certain costs when sending this message. However, these rates will be standard.

Phone Payments

You can call in 1-800-531-5000 to make your payments through an automation process over the phone. A representative is also available to speak to you regarding your payments. However, you will be charged an assistance fee of $5 in this case. Also, when you use this method, you should have all your credit/debit card and checking the account information with you. Your payments will be made immediately.

Mail Payments

Your monthly bill includes an envelope in which you can mail your money order or check.

PreCash and PayExchange Payments

You can make a payment with cash at a participating retailer located within your vicinity. In order to find one, you can call in 1-800-PRECASH or visit You will be required to bring along your DIRECTV account number.

For PayExchange, you can do the same thing. However, the information will be available to you on 1-777-477-7297 or Bring along your DIRECTV account number.

Western Union Payments

You can visit Western Union to pay using cash. They will then wire the payments to DIRECTV. You should have your DIRECTV account number for this. There is also a Quick Collect payment method available. For further information in this regard, you can go to or call in 1-800-225-5227.

MoneyGram Payments

You can pay cash using MoneyGram who will then wire the payments to DIRECTV. A MoneyGram Express payment facility is also available. In order to get more information in this regard, you can go to or call in 1-800-MONEYGRAM.

Home Banking Payments

You can check in with your bank or your bill payment service for further information regarding this. They will then guide you in terms of how you can set this up and what fees they will incur (if any).

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